The Moza R3 Racing Bundle provides some solid entry-level simulation

Moza is no stranger to racing simulation; they’ve proven this time and time again over the years, with an impressive range of wheels, pedals, bases and even flight sticks. However, their new Xbox and PC-compatible wheel is aimed squarely at both entry-level shoppers, and those possibly looking to break into the racing simulation scene for the first time.

While the price tag of A$729 might still scare some away, there’s a fantastic set here that feels premium in the hands and on the feet. The software might take a little effort to get things going on PC, but it’s an absolute breeze on the Xbox and an easy recommendation to owners of the console.


The R3 bundle includes three main pieces, being the steering wheel, wheel base and pedals. The set also comes with a mounting clamp and stand to be used on desks and tables, while the four mounting points on the base can even be mounted to a bunch of third-party wheel stands and seats, although I’m not sure how these holes might line up, as I couldn’t find any stands apart from the Next Level Racing 2.0 Stand that supports this.

Setup can take a little to get going, and while the instructions unfortunately aren’t that clear. That being said, you’ll simply need to screw the wheelbase onto the desk mount and then attach the wheel to the base itself.

The wheel will match the bearings of the wheelbase and pop on rather nicely, but I found the screws didn’t actually fit the included alan key, and I instead screwed them on by hand as tightly as possible. When all is said and done, this does feel super sturdy, and I had no issues with this after a couple of weeks of use.

Everything feels super premium at all times. The steering wheel feels incredibly sturdy and is wrapped in decent polyurethane padding, while the buttons are well-placed and easy to reach. Its 280mm diameter might feel a little small in larger hands, but I didn’t think this was a huge issue.

The back shifters also feel super snappy and the ball bearing release system is responsive when you want to pop the wheel off. You can even pop the wheel onto other systems like the R5 and R12 if you’re really digging it.

The dual pedal set includes both brake and accelerator pedals, but you won’t find a clutch pedal here. Once again, it’s not really an issue, but worth considering depending on the type of racing games you’re interested in. A clutch pedal can be added down the track should you need it. Everything is metal, and it feels super heavy, but in the best type of way. I didn’t even mount the pedals to anything and found they sat nice and stable on the carpet under my desk.


I feel as though the 3.9Nm of peak torque from the R3 wheelbase is the real highlight or point of contention, depending on your stance. Yes, you can get higher torque from something like the R5 bundle, which packs in 5.5Nm of torque. But I choose to look at this from another perspective.

If you’ve never really used a set like this before, or with this much torque inside, it’s definitely going to surprise you. I tested this primarily with Forza Horizon 5 and certainly got a jolt when my car ran off-road and the force feedback shook me about. It’s obviously on the lighter side, but it’s still incredibly worthy of its price tag.

The R3 is a Direct Drive, which means feedback is directly connected to the motor and therefore more responsive when compared to belt and gear-driven wheels, which feel a little more abrupt and abrasive. The difference is certainly noticeable and I would recommend a Direct Drive system to anyone regardless of the market you’re in. Things feel so much smoother and therefore natural, and it helps with the sense of realism, particularly when those smaller shifts in road surfaces and tighter turns can be felt in the hands.

The overall force feedback and even pedal sensitivity can be adjusted in the dedicated Moza Pit House program on PC and the Moza Racing app on both Android and iOS. While I’ll touch on this a little bit later, it’s worth noting that feedback can be adjusted on the fly, and in most cases, heightened should you want more from the experience.

The pedals are also fantastic and are operated by Hall effect sensors, which detect where the pedals are according to their travel, as opposed to how hard you’re pressing them. It might not feel instantly noticeable, but this does help with overall longevity, as the springs are essentially freed from any of the heavy lifting, so to speak. These can also be adjusted, and I appreciate their larger size so that they’re easy to locate and friendlier for larger feet like mine.

There’s little to complain about in terms of the overall experience, other than the fact that the force feedback can feel a little light for the more experienced simulator enthusiasts. But even with 3.9Nm of peak torque, most entry-level and causal users will get a significant kick out of this, without having to sacrifice overall build quality and responsiveness.


With the help of the Moza Pit House program on PC and the Moza Racing app on both Android and iOS, you can pretty much fine-tune the entire experience. From the wheel controls, to wheelbase force feedback and even pedal sensitivity, you can tailor any of these settings to your liking on the fly. The Moza Pit House program on PC can be a little wonky when trying to navigate its various menus, but I found it never takes up too much time once you’re on the right tab.

The Moza Racing app on both Android and iOS is much easier to use and connects to the R3 wheel via Bluetooth.

You’ll pretty much get the same offerings here, but with so many popular games on offer each with their own presets and control settings, it’s easy for the wheel to take care of most of the work, should you just want to jump into the action. But then again, I appreciate its versatility, catering to the hardcore fans as much as the casual ones.

Verdict & Value

Overall, the Moza R3 Bundle is an awesome leap into the world of racing simulators. Compatible with either the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One or Windows PC, both hardcore and casual fans are sure to find something worth taking to the track. Be it the premium build quality and customisation software, it’s great fun.

While I wish the setup was a little clearer in terms of instructions, it’s easy enough to set up and get racing with multiple compatible games on offer. It’s not really a criticism, but the only thing I can say is that while slightly more expensive wheels offer more torque, the 3.9Nm of torque feels par for the course. That being said, there really isn’t a better option to dive into racing simulation for the first time, should the price tag suit.


Highlights: Premium build quality; Plenty of compatible games; Direct-Drive system feels fantastic
Lowlights: Moza Pit House software on PC feels a little wonky at times; Setup is a little confusing out of the box
Manufacturer: Moza
Price: A$729
Available: Now

Review based on unit supplied by Moza and is now available via their official website.

Matthew Arcari

Matthew Arcari is the games and technology editor at The AU Review. You can find him on Twitter at @sirchunkee, or at the Dagobah System, chilling with Luke and Yoda.