Milky Lane brings Mi-Goreng Loaded Fries to Sydney

It was bound to happen some day, and there’s no surprise that Sydney’s Milky Lane, harbingers of ridiculously over-the-top and indulgent foods, were the ones to do it. The five-store chain (Parramatta, Cronulla, Gold Coast, Coogee and flagship Bondi) has decided to go full “broke millennial” and spray rounds of Mi-Goreng inspired goodness on top of their shoestring fries. Yep, Loaded Mi-Goreng Fries is now on the menu at all five stores (no word if it’ll be on their forthcoming Crows Nest store, but seeing as it’s gone viral, we assume it will be).

Just a few days ago the business posted a picture of the frankenfood in question on their Facebook and, as you can expect, it went batshit. The chain’s marketing head, Christian Avant, told Business Insider that the post has reached around 580,000 people (and counting) on Facebook, because like it or not, that is how we measure successful food creations in this day and age.

“What a time to be alive”, read the Facebook post. “Australia’s favourite ‘I’ve got no money left’ dinner or Uni snack is now a Loaded Fries delicacy [sic]”.

The heart-pounding concoction features shoestring fries soaked with sweet soy sauce, chilli sauce, seasoning powder, crunchy fried noodles and a fried egg. All the ingredients, except for the egg and fries, are straight from a packet of Mi-Goreng so the familiar tastes of late-night supermarket dinners should immediately dig up some fond memories of struggling and hating life.

Mi-Goreng has been an inspiration for many frankenfoods within the past few years. in Sydney, the first to do it was burger lord Jimmy Hurlston (of Melbourne’s Easey’s) who attracted huge queues to now closed Darlinghurst joint Guilty with his Mi-Goreng burger.

For all Milky Lane locations head to their website HERE.

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is the Deputy Editor of the AU review and a freelance travel writer. You can reach him on Instagram by following @chrisdsingh.

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