Hotel Review: Waikiki Beachcomber by Outrigger delivers true comfort to Honolulu, Hawaii

Arriving just in time from my Hawaiian Airlines flight, as I was en route back to Australia at the end of last year from New York, I was lucky enough to sit on the balcony of my room at the Waikiki Beachcomber by Outrigger, and witness the majesty of a Waikiki Beach sunset. That’s not a bad feeling after a ten hour flight.

Set alongside the International Market Place, and formerly home to a Holiday Inn (it was converted in early 2018), the building is an older one on the strip, but everything inside is fresh, new and vibrant. And though you’re not right on the beach, the views are nonetheless spectacular.

The partial water views are an excellent way to wake up in the morning, and they provide a comfortable balcony for you to enjoy a morning Hawaiian Paradise coffee on – included in your room with a coffee machine – in your tasteful robe (“yukata style”, bordering on a kimono). They’ve also got a couple of bottles of water for you in the fridge.

The room’s tasteful beach theme was as comfortable as it was luxurious – the king bed was magnificent, the long pillows wonderful and the lighting of the room well designed. I loved everything about it, from the wallpaper down to the Hawaiian sea salt amenities. I immediately felt transported to a nice bit of Island luxury living.

The massive 55”smart LG TV immediately hooks up to your phone thanks to the internal Google Chromecast. And there’s really good speakers too, with HBO and all the channels you’d hope for included. There are USB and US AC plugs next to the bed, as well as light switches. So once you get comfy in bed, you really don’t have to leave. Which is a great thing – because you’re not going to want to.

Photo supplied by the hotel.

The shower is excellent, and all the bathroom’s fixings have been upgraded and enhanced to fit the hotel’s luxurious aesthetic.

Photo supplied by the hotel.

In addition to those beautiful robes, they’ve also got some wonderful cushioned slippers that I may or may not have stolen and still wear to this day.

Elsewhere in the hotel, the Maui Brewing Company and the Hawaiian Aroma Caffe, both serve breakfast. And that pool isn’t too shabby, either. Though in the morning before my flight, I bounced over to their sister Outrigger hotel and ate at Duke’s, which has what may be the best breakfast buffet in the world.

I also highly recommend the International Marketplace pretty much next door too, with its great food hall, “The Street by Michael Mina”. Go there for pizza, ramen, loco moco and cheap beers!

Final Verdict

Honestly the only complaint was that I didn’t get enough time to enjoy the property. It was a quick stopover, but a hotel that made me feel right at home, from the moment I entered to the time I had to leave. Everything about the room is designed to keep you as comfortable as possible, with no unnecessary bells and whistles. Honestly, you won’t want to leave.


To book a night at the Waikiki Beachbomber (2300 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815, United States), head HERE. Hawaiian Airlines flies direct from Sydney and Brisbane to Honolulu.

The author stayed as a guest of the hotel for one night. Photos by the Author unless otherwise listed. Headline image supplied by the hotel. 

Larry Heath

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