Hotel Review: Premier Loft at the Studio M (Singapore)

Part of the Millenium group of Hotels and Resorts, Singapore’s Studio M hotel is a perfect example of the city’s unique ways to make the best of small spaces, something which is typical both of the city’s hotel rooms and the apartments that line the streets. But Studio M takes this concept to another level, bringing their design into stylish two level lofts, with the main sleeping area above in their Premier Lofts, just fitting in a Queen size bed, and a work and living area below, with a pull out sofa available for an extra guest.

The bathroom layout is also unique, separating the shower and the toilet (which isn’t always the way of doing things in Singapore) into separate rooms right by the front door, with a sliding door providing some privacy, separating it from the living area. The room for both was particularly small, so it’s not for the claustrophobic. And you could almost say that for the whole loft if it wasn’t for the high ceilings and massive windows, which do give the impression of more space than there actually is. In reality though, the square metre footprint (all 22 of them) must be a little below average.

The queen bed was comfortable, though the sofa bed was not much better than a futon, and likely intended for a family of three. It’s not a great room for two people travelling for business, not overly keen on sharing a bed. One person is going to end up on the sofa bed and won’t be as comfortable as the other. The room has everything you need though, with personal safe as well as coffee/tea making facilities, TVs, a hair dryer, work space built into the staircase and robes – which are always welcomed. Given the size of the room, it’s impressive use of the space to say the least, fitting all this in.

Elsewhere in the hotel, the reception area is stylish and striking, with prompt service at all hours of the day. The outdoor dining area, meanwhile, was spectacular, sitting alongside the pool and looking out onto the unique architecture of the city. The breakfast buffet itself at was delicious, with a mix of Western and Eastern cuisines that are commonplace in the region. Definitely a nice way to start the day. The buffet is included with selected room packages and they serve until the reasonable hour of 10.30am.

Overall, this was a comfortable and stylish hotel, though both flawed and exquisite in its design. They make excellent use of the small space they allocate their guests, though it can feel like a squeeze at times – and this would also depend on how many people are in the room. I couldn’t imagine having more than two people in there.

I’ve certainly never stayed in a room like this before and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt about the hotel culture in Singapore, it’s that you’ll likely to find a lot of places where you’ll experience something new. Studio M was no exception.

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Address: No. 3 Nanson Road, Singapore, 238910
Contact Number: +65 6808 8888

Photos and article assistance by Johnny Au, except for the headline photo from Both Larry and Johnny stayed as guests of Music Matters Singapore.

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