Sydney’s WAP (Wet Ass Patty) burger is here to dominate your taste buds

BL Burgers

If you love burgers and your name isn’t Ben Shapiro, then get the hell on down to BL Burgers this week. The ever-creative burger-slingers have created an unholy ode to your dirtiest, most salacious food fantasies with “WAP (Wet Ass Patty)” and its bound to weirdly offend unaffected conservatives the world over.

As overwhelmingly large as a big Mack truck trying to squeeze into a little garage, the burger is a smattering of everything your food fantasies are made of. Anchored by a maple butter basted beef patty, between those thicc BL milk buns is an indulgent stack of American cheese, garlic prawn mac and cheese, bacon and garlic breadcrumbs, and juicy truffle and chervil aioli. Got a beard? This thing will wet it.

Slapped with flavour, the burger will definitely be sending those taste buds dancing all the way back to that lil’ dangly thing that swing in the back of your throat. Excited? Take note of the locations below as this week is your only chance to try a burger that’ll have you shouting like you’re Al T McLaran stumbling into Atlanta’s Magic City at peak hour.

Bring your bucket, mop, and $17 for this wet ass patty at the following locations. All info on each can be found here.

BL Burgers Darlinghurst
1/151 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst NSW

BL Burgers Parramatta
3/188 Church St, Parramatta

Loaded by BL
170-172 Missenden Rd, Newtown

Bar Luca
52 Phillip St, Sydney NSW

Photo: Facebook / BL Burgers

Chris Singh

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