Sydney just got the world’s most luxurious cheese toastie

Although National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day may have come and gone for another year, there’s one exclusive way you can celebrate in the most delicious way possible. Available until May 12, Sydney now has a French-inspired luxury cheese toastie being flipped at Lorraine’s Bistro.

Created by hatted chef Clement Marchais, the decadent dish elevates the humble toastie to mouth-watering levels with melted comte and gruyere complemented by creme fraiche, tart zucchini pickles and premium avruga caviar. All of this encased between crispy brioche bread, presenting what is easily the most luxurious cheese toastie you will ever have.

If you head along to Lorraine’s Bistro between now and May 12 you’ll just need to pay $25 and in return you’ll get said toastie as well as a flute of Mumm bubbles.

“I have always loved toasties and this concept started with experimentation in the comfort of my own home kitchen,” says Clement. “The toastie is such a nostalgic dish, and I wanted to create something unique and special that also evokes fond memories.”

While you’re there, try the new menu at Lorraine’s. Marchais has created a decadent bistro selection which includes Skull Island prawns served with a blend of espelette pepper and koji butter, as well as chargrilled gabbage with cashew creme fraiche and macadamia.

Lorraine’s Bistro is located at 203 Bronte Rd, Waverley NSW 2024 in The Robin Hood Hotel.