Southern Comfort takes premix drinks to the next level with peach and apple flavours

The recent boom that’s taken premixed drinks sector to the next level hasn’t just had the benefit of making your giving those bottle shop shelves some much needed colour. It’s added a much needed diversity and variety to go far beyond that standard rum & coke you used to to rely so heavily on at house parties. With the scene always growing, the stalwarts remain MVPs on the market. Southern Comfort is one of those, and their premix dominance is about to get even stronger with their new Southern Comfort HARD Range.

Adding greatly to their already solid ready-to-go portfolio, the newly launched range encompasses two flavours – HARD Peach, and HARD Apple. Both are now available at your local independent bottle shop or online at

Given Southern Comfort is often seen as the course-changing entry point to bourbon, they’re is in a good position to maintain the lead when it comes to premixed tinnies. The new fruit-forward flavours will play a big part in that, each carefully balanced so they play perfectly with that undeniable hit of bourbon.

HARD Peach is a peachy and punchy burst of flavour, with the focus being on that rounded, refreshing finish that should make it perfect for any picnics or those more relaxed house parties. Playing into a similar pocket is HARD Apple, presenting the perfect balance of crisp apple and that zingy hit of Southern Comfort.

“Flavoured premixed beverages have been the fastest growing category in Australia over the last year,” said Southtrade Marketing Director Fraser Lockdown. “Aussies are looking for drinks that seriously deliver on flavour and refreshment [and] this innovation came from a lot of consumer engagement and the desire to create something that truly different to the rest of the category.”

Given peach and apple are hardly playing with by the better known premix brands, Southern Comfort is leading the charge and expanding upon the classic bourbon & cola, or dry & fresh lime, tinnie. That’s an emerging trend definitely worth jumping on for your next picnic, party, or general get together.

Get HARD Apple here.

Get HARD Peach here.

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is the Deputy Editor of the AU review and a freelance travel writer. You can reach him on Instagram by following @chrisdsingh.

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