Nestle has gone and created plant-based vegan Milo

In some of the least expected news of the week, beloved chocolate and malt powder MILO has announced a plant-based alternative. Simply titled MILO Plant Based, the new powder has been created in response to more Aussies turning to dairy alternatives.

Using the same core ingredients as the original MILO, those being malt, barley and cocoa, the new plant-based alternative switches out milk powder, reduces added sugar, and adds plant based ingredients like soy and oats.

That makes MILO Plant Based a vegan friendly option made from zero animal ingredients. Most importantly, it retains nutrients like iron, zinc and vitamin B12 which may be limited in some other plant-based diets. This is alongside calcium, vitamin D, B2 and B3.

Jury’s still out on the taste though, but it’s said that this will stick closely to the original. We’ll find out when the cans hit Coles shelves across Australia from 16th March, and independent supermarkets from April. A 395g tin will set you back $6.99.

Feature image: accidentallyveganaustralia / Instagram

Chris Singh

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