Messina teams with Peters Ice Cream to launch gelato bars in Australian supermarkets

It seems last year’s collaboration between Gelato Messina and Peters Ice Cream was only the start of something delicious and beautiful, releasing limited edition drumsticks to supermarkets across the nation to much fan-fare. Now, the partnership has resulted in three new gelato bars, permanently hitting Coles, Woolworths and independent grocers in Australia.

The new range of Messina Gelato Bars was launched this week, stocking freezer aisles from Perth to Tassie, and no doubt looking down the barrel of alarmingly long queues as more people find out their favourite dessert-slingers are now more ubiquitous than ever.

The collection consists of three flavours. First, the Choc Hazelnut is a bar of cocoa gelato layered with chocolate biscuit and Messina-made hazelnut sauce with a hazelnut chocolate shell. Then you’ve got Espresso Dulce De Leche with espresso gelato, biscuit and gooey Messina-made Dulce de Leche centre with a milk chocolate shell. Lastly, there’s the Strawberry Cheesecake with lemon infused gelato, biscuit and strawberry sauce, and a pink chocolate shell.

For those who can’t leave the couch, or wisely want to stay away from packed supermarkets, the $10 four-packs are also available Australia-wide via Couchfood.

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