How to get your hands on rare 19-year old whiskies from Lark Distillery

Ever-busy Tasmanian whisky heroes Lark Distillery have just released a sub-$2,000 19-year old whisky as two casks. The inaugural “Legacy” and its expressions, HHF582B (AKA “Topaz”) and HHF585A (AKA “Rich Toffee), boast the distinction of having been distilled by Bill Lark himself, during his tenure as Head Distiller, which has since been a role filled by Chris Thomson.

Given Bill Lark is often heralded as the pioneer of Australia’s increasingly impressive craft spirits industry, this is a big deal for fans of Lark. For nearly two decades, this spirit was nurtured by the man, brewing with complexity and depth before finally being released into the Lark bond store.

So how do you get your hands on one if you can’t actually head to Lark?

Easy. A ballot. Which is open now.

As the liquid testaments to Bill Lark’s peerless skill, both of these expressions are being offered as extremely limited releases. Those interested will need to enter into the ballot system before Sunday 14th March (3pm AEST). Winners will then be notified by e-mail on the same day.

The ballot can be accessed here. Both releases will be $1,950.

According to official tasting notes HHF582B Topaz is defined by aromas of Medjool dates, fig, green olive, and gingerbread dough and finishes with subtle hints of coconut, cloves, and toasted walnut. Legacy HHF585A Rich Toffee, on the other hand, begins on the nose like an old attic filled with nostalgic memories of salted caramels, liquorice, and peppermint ice-cream, elegantly finishing with dark chocolate, coffee, nougat, and nutmeg.

“Releasing this whisky symbolises to me the culmination of 19 years of wonderful whisky making in Tasmania”, said current Lark Head Distiller and Blender Chris Thomson. “For a whisky nut like myself and any whisky enthusiasts around the world, this Legacy series is a unique chance to experience a whisky that is the bedrock of the entire industry that we’ve built upon. This is a phenomenal milestone for us but also the industry as a whole”.

Chris Singh

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