Hendrick’s get starry-eyed with the release of limited edition Lunar Gin

Hendrick’s has always been a gin with just as personality as punch, so it’s always worth paying attention to what the William Grant & Sons label has got going on. Right now, that’s the newly released Hendrick’s Lunar Gin, hand-crafted in Scotland and serving as a sequel to 2019’s Midsommer Solstice Gin.

Popularity has always been written in the stars for Hendrick’s releases, with their gin some of the most commonly stocked in some of the world’s best bars and on the shelves of many discerning drinkers. That’s only looking to continue with this limited edition release, which is now available in Australia at all Dan Murphy’s stores for $90 per 43.4% ABV bottle.

Inspired by the “celestial light of the moon”, the gin was handcrafted amongst the remote Scottish Ayrshire coast, favouring the floral notes of your typical Hendrick’s gin. They’ve been lifted here, described as “delightfully smooth and alluring” with night blooming floral essence the hero ingredient. This offers a delicate balance of warm baked spices that blanket the palate before a crisp burst of citrus comes roaring through for a refreshing finish.

That means the exceptionally smooth gin is as viable neat as it is with your favourite tonic (hint: use Fever-Tree or Tasmanian Tonic Company) or in a cocktail – speaking of which Hendrick have created a number of signature concoctions for you to use with the Lunar Gin. Check all the recipes out via their website here.

Chris Singh

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