Gelato Messina’s ‘Fairy Bread Cookie Pie’ is available from today

Comfort food has never been more important during waves on (necessary) lockdown this year. And the gelato gods at Messina have been up to task over these past few months, with eye watering mash ups like Nutella Cookie Pie. Now, the cult ice creamery has doubled-down on the love of franken-food with a new ‘Fairy Bread Cookie Pie’.

The ridiculously indulgent, and colourful, pie is now available as a semi-prepared, bake-at-home treat for anyone who preorders from today. Pick up will be between Friday 31st July and Sunday 2nd August from your local Messina store, although do note for anyone in Melbourne the options are limited given the instructions to stay local (there are currently stores in Fitzroy, Windsow, Richmond and Brunswick East).

So what will you get? The Messina Fairy Bread Cookie Pie is a pie made of cookie dough, big enough to share between up to six people. The dough’s crunchy texture is stuck together by a filling of vanilla custard, and then topped with 100s and 1000s.

You’ll simply need to whack it in the oven for 25-30 minutes at a cool 165 degrees before diving right into that sweet, sticky, crumbly mess.

Each pie is being served for $20 each, but Messina has also put together a few packages for those who want to add-on a tub of gelato. The pie with a 500ml tub is $28, with a 1L tub is $36, or with a 1.5L tub is $39.

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Chris Singh

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