Four Pillars and QT Hotels come together for exclusive coconut and bamboo “Ordered Chaos” gin

Yarra Valley’s eternally beloved Four Pillars has teamed up with the equally adored QT Hotels and Resorts for a playful new collaboration which will see the distillery’s latest gin available exclusively across QT’s family of boutique-minded hotels.

And though you might not be able to get Four Pillars’ new Ordered Chaos Gin at your local bottle-o, there’s plenty of ways to get across the coconut and almond accented gin, given QT’s presence in Australia has never been strong. We’re talking QT Sydney, QT Melbourne, QT Gold Coast, QT Perth, QT Canberra, QT Bondi, and QT Falls Creek all pouring up Ordered Chaos at their respective bars. The hotels will also keep a limited number of bottles on stock for those who want to purchase and take a 700ml-er home for $89 a pop.

Any readers across the ditch fret not. You’ll also be able to get the gin across QT’s growing New Zealand profile, which includes QT Auckland, QT Queenstown, and QT Wellington.

Guests can simply rock up to the likes of QT Sydney’s unimpeachable Gowings Bar, or QT Perth’s breezy rooftop bar, and order up some Ordered Chaos, which will also be available in a few bespoke cocktails built especially to complement the new gin’s palate of fresh coconut milk, raw almonds and bamboo leaves. The first, “Room Service Ricky”, showcases the Ordered Chaos Gin a “highly aromatic, botanical, bitter and bubbly concoction that packs a punch”. While the second cocktail, the “QT Colada Fizz”, is “texture and creamy, highlighting both the coconut and the gin’s slightly nutty and grassy notes”. The final creation is the simply named “Bamboo”, which is described as a light and crisp stirred-down drink, built like a martini with a hint of coconut.

According to official tasting notes, the coconut and almond notes come through strongest on the front palate before a wash of refreshing bamboo handles the curtain call. It sounds like an odd, left-field profile, which is exactly what I’ve come to expect from QT’s singular design language and playful approach to classic hospitality.

Given the Four Pillars team – Cameron MacKenzie, Matt Jones, Stuart Gregor – are apparently regulars guests of QT Hotels nationwide, the partnership was really only a matter of time. It’s also no surprise to see the bottles wrapped in a multi-dimensional design of swirling text and a pop of QT’s signature magenta hues.

The partnership will also give rise to a bunch of all-inclusive, multi-sensory events that guests can book into. We’re talking masterclasses and tastings for visitors and locals to really get around the idea of this new gin, and even jump behind the bar and learn how to shake up a cocktail or two.

The Ordered Chaos is now available at the aforementioned properties, but can also be purchased online from the QT Cellar.

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is an Editor-At-Large at the AU review, loves writing about travel and hospitality, and is partial to a perfectly textured octopus. You can reach him on Instagram: @chrisdsingh.