Fireball re-releases their popular ‘whisky goon bags’ ahead of the holiday season

Fireball Whisky

Cheap Fruity Lexia cask wine has it’s place in first-year uni circles hanging out in the park at night, but that goon bag starts to look a bit boring when you compare it with what Fireball Whisky if offering this holiday season. The party-minded whisky has re-released their giant 3.5L Firebox, packing some serious heat as it contains two 1.75L casks of the famous cinnamon-spiced beverage.

“So many of our Aussie Fireball fanatics have a soft spot for the trust old goon bag,” said Fireball Australia’s Marketing Manager Jon Prew. “We think it’s the perfect time of year to ramp up the silly season, so get this bad boy in the fridge or esky for some fun everyone can get in on”.

Given house parties are going to come on thick and fast once the holidays hit, this could be the most valuable fixture of the season. The box has enough for just over 100 30ml shots, with two taps to dispense the liquid.

Just 1000 limited-edition boxes are on sale in Australia through Booze Bud, Bondi Beach Cellar’s, Liquor on Oxford Street, and other selected retailers for $224.99.

Chris Singh

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