Fireball & Bar Luca team up for what could be Sydney’s best burger right now

Ah, burgers in Sydney. It’s the trend that will – thankfully – never die. In fact, burgers will never fall out of fashion. Yet, they’ve been stuck on a trend over the past few years, with competitors vying for attention with what is essentially just the same burger with a few tweaks.

Bar Luca and the BL Burgers brand has always been a bit of a different beast when it comes to Sydney’s best burgers. And while the team dominated the trend of inventive weekly burger specials – both thoughtful and over-the-top – it was always the Blame Canada that really took things to the next level for this budding burger empire.

Over the years, the team have rarely reinvented the bulletproof combination of a perfect patty with poutine and maple bacon. Blame India became a staple, but not many other iterations caught on.

Fireball Whisky are hoping to change that. At least temporarily.

The beloved cinnamon-flavoured, party-minded whisky has teamed with Bar Luca to change the venue’s menu for an entire month. “Blame Fireball” is what they’re calling it, and the punchy list of food items is nothing to take lightly.

Kicking off with a huge party at Bar Luca this past Saturday, the Blame Fireball menu is now available exclusively at the Circular Quay pub. Rock up and you’ll find yourself tempted by fare like Fireball Poutine, with shoestring fries covered in Fireball-infused maple bacon jam with Fireball gravy and cheese curds. And, of course you have the Blame Fireball Burger with Fireball braised brisket, Bar Luca’s classic beef patty, American cheese, maple bacon, candied jalapenos, poutine and Fireball gravy.

Needless to say, you’re going to need a lot of napkins.

The Blame Fireball menu is only available at Bar Luca for the month of July.