Black Star Pastry’s new Rain Cake is the first in a series of art-inspired desserts

To celebrate new immersive art exhibition Rain Room re-opening in St Kilda, the infinite creativity on display at Black Star Pastry has produced what is easily one of the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous cakes to date. And that is saying a lot, seeing as this is the spot famous for the delightful Strawberry Watermelon Cake.

The limited-edition Rain Cake is only available at Black Star Pastry’s St Kilda Store, which is located directly under the spot where Rain Room is currently being exhibited (Jackalope Pavilion).

The Rain Cake is the first in what will become a series of art projects in which BSP will collaborate with renowned artists and institutions to create edible adaptations and interpretations of iconic works.

Designed to reference a smell and taste redolent of rainfall, it comprises a matcha sponge base, layers of lime buttercream, caramelised apricot compote, lemon myrtle and peppermint sponge, a vein of finger lime jelly, and a white chocolate mousse dusted with lemon myrtle powder. It’s decorated with ‘rain droplets’ delicately dancing atop the cake.

The result, to be expected, is a moist, fragrant and remarkably refreshing cake – reminiscent of a walk through the Botanic Gardens after a summer storm. The use of native botanicals like lemon myrtle and finger lime produce a fresh and zesty taste with hints of eucalyptus – a perfect counterpart to the creamy, white chocolate mousse.

The Rain Cake will be available in-store, or to pre-order in a single slice ($10) or four-portion ($38) serve, when purchasing Rain Room tickets ($19-$29). The cake will also be available to pre-order in an All-Star Box ($60), comprising Black Star Pastry’s six most sought after slices.

Black Star Pastry’s St Kilda outpost serves the full range of original cakes and pastries, including the recently released Chocolate Mirage and Summer S’more. It is also serving summer cocktails: Watermelon Aperol Spritz, Espresso Martini, Gin & Tonic and a sparkling Rose – matched to its most popular cakes.

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is the Deputy-Editor-At-Large of the AU review, loves writing about travel and hospitality, and is partial to a perfectly textured octopus. You can reach him on Instagram: @chrisdsingh.