5 Cool Gift Ideas for your favorite Groomsman

One of the best parts of a wedding day, apart from true love that is, is being together with your loved ones as you celebrate and commemorate the momentous occasion in your life. Although there are many moving parts and people involved in making a wedding day successful, let’s face it- what would the day be without your groomsmen?

Your guys have been with you through it all; the dating, proposal, and now the wedding. You may be knee-deep in the planning, but it is important to take some time out to appreciate those that have supported you through your journey- and there is no better way to do this than by giving a heartfelt gift.

The good news is that giving groomsmen gifts has become sort of an expected tradition at a wedding these days. As such, finding a gift that will suit your budget as well as the interests and hobbies of your guys has never been easier. There are all sorts of gift options out there that you can choose from, but we’ve narrowed it down to 5 of the best to make the selection process easier and more stress-free for you.

We know that you don’t have all the time in the world to start looking for gifts let alone do anything else, so without further ado, here are 5 cool gift ideas for your favourite groomsman:

You can never go wrong with socks

The type of socks that a guy chooses to wear is a matter of personal preference, plain and simple. Some guys like good ol’ plain socks; nothing fancy while others prefer to have theirs covered in pizza and spaceships. To each his own.

What’s so great about giving your groomsmen socks is that you can pick a variety of styles that are each suited to your groomsmen and it won’t hurt your pockets. Want to add a personal touch and make this simple but practical gift even more meaningful? Go ahead and have them personalized with a simple message.

Whether you have the message sewn into them or monogrammed, nothing beats a personal message straight from the heart. Plus, if you are looking for a bit of cheeky fun, you can always go for gag socks. Not only do they make for awesome pre-wedding photos for your boys but you and your groomsmen will have fun showing them off at the reception too. Just avoid getting anything too crass- it is a wedding after all; keep it classy!

And remember to keep in mind that your groomsmen all have different feet sizes, which you will have to account for when shopping. Want to shop for socks like a pro? Check out this article from CoolThingsChicago.

Consider unique or custom cufflinks for a cool look

It isn’t always easy to find appropriate men’s jewellery gifts, but cufflinks? Those are in an extraordinary league of their own and if you want to impress your boys, this is the way to go. If you choose wisely, they can help to put your groomsmen together while making a fashion statement.

Plus, who doesn’t like a pair of dapper-looking cufflinks? It’s an accessory that every man can appreciate regardless of what their style is. While cufflinks are suitable for nearly any formal occasion, they couldn’t be more appropriate for your wedding. You can get cufflinks in any design these days and they can be customized to anything that you like.

Are you having a destination wedding? A pair of customized map cufflinks can help you pay homage to your chosen destination. Want to honour your Irish roots or marrying into an Irish family? How about some classy Lucky Irish cufflinks to showcase your heritage or ancestry?

Personalized whiskey stones

There’s probably going to be some drinking involved as you and your boys are getting ready for you to walk down the aisle. Having a drink, responsibly, can be a great way for your groomsmen to share in the camaraderie in the dressing room, which will also help you to set the tone for the day.

Whiskey stones are a great idea because they will help to keep your drinks cold without diluting them. For a personal touch, you can also have them personalized perhaps with your wedding date or with each of your groomsmen’s initials.

Personalized socks

Do you know what would go well with those personalized gifts above? A personalized pair of groomsmen’s socks! Let’s be honest. What is more funky, cool and silly than a pair of socks. These socks make great keepsakes too because they are functional. And who doesn’t love cool gifts they can wear and look at years after the fabulous event?

A customized handkerchief

Don’t have a lot of cash to spare on gifts? We get it; you’ve already invested so much on your wedding day. The point of groomsmen gifts is to show that you appreciate all your friends and loved one’s efforts. As such, even something as simple as a customized handkerchief can have a huge impact.

Plus, real men cry and chances are some tears will flow. Instead of reaching out for unsanitary tissues, make any crying that takes place look stylish with customized handkerchiefs for the men in your lineup. If no crying takes place, simply find a way to include them in your photographs.

Final Words

Groomsmen gifts have come a long way and have gone from the tacky generic items that would typically be stowed away to the darkest corner of the closet to functional, cook gifts that can be used on the daily. But we all know that finding a good gift, even when your heart is in the right place, is often easier said than done. Not to worry though. These cool ideas that we shared above should help you express yourself, as well as let your groomsmen know that you care.