The newly improved Razer Kraken builds on perfection

I loved my first Razer Kraken headset. With its chunky earpads and lurid green colour scheme, it was the perfect thing to draw heads on buses — as if I’d only walked in to say ‘look at me, look at me!’ With its newest iteration, Razer improves on perfection, but you’ll have to look hard to see it.

On the surface, the new Kraken (the third gen of its kind) looks pretty much the same as the last go round. Same shade of green, same chunky boys cupping your head. But when you put it on, it does feel different. It’s lighter, softer and cooler.

That’ll be thanks to the brand new gel cooling pads designed to fit around your ear holes. They’re softer than the original leather covers, and fun to squidge around with your fingers.

There’s also an added layer of padding around the headset to spread the hefty load a bit more easily, and they do their job well. Long time gaming sessions are a breeze, too, and I survived for hours before I needed a quick shifteroo.

Thankfully, it’s also a bit smoother to adjust, with the mic and headband sliding in and out like butter. Also, you can’t eat them – unless you’re really determined. In which case, go ahead, I don’t think I could stop you.

There’s also been some improvement to the mic volume and pickup range – but on surface level, you won’t be able to hear much difference. Here, check out this handy, scientific diagram.

All you need to know is the blue stuff – very squidgy. We like the blue stuff. Feels good.

Outside of these minor improvements, the Razer Kraken remains a bass-heavy beast of a headset, perfect for gaming and on the go. This newest version isn’t enough of an improvement to warrant an overhauled review, but all the little touches add up to make it one of the best gaming headsets on the market.

With a reasonable price tag and great performance, it’s hard to pass up Razer’s latest Kraken headset. Recommended.