Tech Review: The Colgate Pulse Series 2 Toothbrush shakes up the formula

While I do my best to keep up with my dental hygiene, I must admit, it can sometimes be a struggle. I was previously using a rather entry-level Colgate PRO Clinical electric toothbrush and brushing twice a day on average, but there are many things that I’ve learnt since using the Colgate Pulse Series 2 that have changed this routine for the better. With a sleek design, long-lasting battery and in-depth companion app, there’s plenty to look forward to, should you want to get your dental hygiene routine back on track.

Design & Functionality

Available in both black and red, the Colgate Pulse Series 2 doesn’t feel like the slimmest of electric toothbrushes at times, even if most of its design choices lead to some sort of functional advantage. Its thicker handle allows for a large 14-day rechargeable battery, while the wider base keeps it from falling over each time you put it down. The ring around the bottom of the base also lights up, pointing out how much time you’re putting into each brush and dividing that time into specific quarters so that you’re only spending a specific amount of time in each area. The light above the power button even changes colour depending on your brushing frequency, and even turns rainbow when you consistently brush twice a day for seven days a week.

There is also a little lever above the power button, used to switch between three modes of brushing; gentle, standard and deep-clean. While this only increases the sensitivity of vibration, the timer ring light at the bottom also turns red if you’re pressing too hard, which was something I found I did often. The brush also comes with a nifty travel case and two types of cleaning heads, both of which are made to last around three months. The first head focuses on whitening, which claims to give you whiter teeth in a week, while the second head promises a deeper clean.

Either way, the Colgate Pulse Series 2 feels fine to brush with. The heads don’t rotate like an Oral-B toothbrush, instead vibrating and pulsing, which can take a little bit of getting used to. I don’t think the overall brushing experience is relatively game-changing in any way but did leave my teeth feeling clean and fresh. The timing certainly took some getting used to, however, as I tend to brush seemingly everywhere at once with my older toothbrush. Here, I was finding it tricky to segment my brushing based on the timer and usually found myself going over that 2-minute standard.


Perhaps the most surprising addition to the experience was the Colgate companion app. The Colgate Pulse Series 2 connects via Bluetooth to any smartphone or tablet, in which users can track their brushing, and timing while accruing Smile Points. You’ll earn one Smile Point every time you brush while earning extra points for things like brushing for 10 consecutive days and even answering the question of the day.

It’s cool that Colgate has even included something like this, but it can usually go one of two ways. For someone who doesn’t really care about dental hygiene, or is more so focused on just getting the job done, this can be a little cumbersome. The app will actually show you when brushing, the areas you’re reaching and even guide you through a segmented brush. It can also detect overpressure and highlight what areas you’re cleaning better than others. Thankfully, all of this progress can be tracked without the app, meaning you can check in on your progress whenever you like, instead of whipping out the app for guided brushing every day.

That being said, the alternative, at least for me, was incredibly informative. I hadn’t really gotten on board with the app for the first few days after trying it out. But after checking in every day, I could see my progress broken down over the past week. And when I started jumping back in for guided brushing, I could see everything was improving. I could see that I was now covering all areas, brushing for an appropriate amount of time, and rarely pushing harder on my teeth than I needed to.

And given all progress counts towards Smile Points, which can be traded for things like Amazon gift cards for Colgate products, it’s nice to know that all your progress isn’t for nothing aside from cleaner teeth. While it definitely depends on the user, it’s incredibly intuitive, with the ability to turn on push notifications to alert you when it’s time to brush and prompt you in case you’ve had a bad streak.

Verdict & Value

The Colgate Pulse Series 2 is certainly a worthy toothbrush for a few reasons. As a toothbrush, it’s larger than average, yet sturdy. Its three brushing modes and two included heads offer a comprehensive clean either way, even if the non-rotating head can take a little bit of getting used to. But the real draw is the Colgate companion app. While I’m sure this might feel a little invasive and cumbersome for some, there’s certainly plenty you can get out of it, making it a fantastic choice for anyone who’s looking to turn their dental hygiene journey around.


Highlights: Great battery life; Two included brushing heads and travel case; Companion app can be super helpful and informative
Lowlights: Companion app won’t grab everyone; Larger than your average electric toothbrush
Manufacturer: Colgate
Price: A$130
Available: Now

Review based on unit supplied by Colgate.

Matthew Arcari

Matthew Arcari is the games and technology editor at The AU Review. You can find him on Twitter at @sirchunkee, or at the Dagobah System, chilling with Luke and Yoda.