Mothers Day Gift Guide 2021: From kitchen essentials and furniture, to new gadgets, wines, and spirits

With Mother’s Day coming up, the inevitable choice anxiety is starting to settle in. “Mother’s Day Gift Guide” is frantically being searched on Google in the hopes that dependable publishers will sort through the product bog and serve up some curated suggestions. We aren’t sitting this one out at the AU review. Here’s our annual Mother’s Day gift guide, featuring gift ideas we’ve handpicked out of the hundreds (literally – e-mail is packed) of ideas being pitched, as well as a few we’ve stumbled across online.


The Cooking Chef XL from Kenwood

Time-saving kitchen technology and induction cooking is only getting deeper, more precise, and more efficient as the years roll on. Kenwood are owning this in 2021 with the introduction of the Kenwood Cooking Chef XL. It builds upon their previous, impeccably built stand mixers to offer a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for the time-poor chef. Features include induction cooking with the most accurate temperature range of any mixer, a smart connected app with hundreds of easy recipes, integrated EasyWeigh scales, a 4.3″ CookAssist screen, presets, stainless steel baking tools, and 25 optional attachments. It’s pretty much an automated kitchen by this point.

RRP: $1,999

Zega Digital from Zega

Zega have refined their walk-away cookware with improved SmartControl technology, offering mum a pot that does the cooking for her. All she needs to do is simply heat it for a few minutes, and use the intelligent lid to set it. She can then take it off the stove and have the pot do the cooking for her. An app will let her know when the cooking is done, and all she needed to do was thrown in the ingredients. Intelligent cookware is undoubtedly the trend in the kitchen nowadays, and Zega’s two latest products – the Zega Digital and Zega Analogue – perfect the technology for nutrient dense, evenly cooked soups, stews, curries, and more. The Zega app has a few recipes too, showcasing just how versatile cooking can be when you marry technology with very specific, quality construction.

RRP: $249 / $299

Swiss Classic Kitchen Knives by Victorinox

A knife set is always going to be one of the most popular kitchen gifts on any occasion. It’s been that way forever, and it’s not changing anytime soon. If mum needs some new gear to make prep that much more easier, go for Victorinox’s one-and-done five-piece knife set which includes a serrated bread knife, a chef’s knife, and paring knives with different edges, elevating her preparation one slice at a time.

If you just need one powerhouse for mum, go for the 20cm Grand Maitre Chef’s Knife, which will not just chop, dice, and slice, but maintain exceptional comfort with its hand-polished, wooden and ergonomic handle.

RRP: $169 / $285
Buy: |

PrimaDonna Soul from De’Longhi

If you want mum to have the latest, greatest, and most shockingly precise coffee machine on the market, you’re going straight for De’Longhi’s PrimaDonna Soul. There’s just no questioning this powerhouse, which is driven by a newly calibrated Automatic Bean Adapt Technology to ensure perfect extraction tailored to specific bean blends and toasting types set manually. The automated process is also boosted by smart technology, allowing mum to control settings remotely with Wi-Fi, dialling in machine parameters, on-off control, recipe creation, and more. The large 4.3″ tough display also allows access to five different user profiles and 21 different one-touch recipes like cappuccino, flat white, latter, and more. Yeah, De’Longhi aren’t playing around in 2021.

RRP: $2,499

Stanley Rogers Picnic Range

After the year that she just had, mum is going to want to spend some more time outdoors in 2021. Of course that’s going to mean a picnic at some point(s) throughout the year, so make sure she’s prepared for what’s no doubt going to be a lavish food spread. Historic cutlery brand Stanley Rogers is to go to name for that, with their current picnic range including a variety of wooden serving platters, cheese knives, and picnic tables.

RRP: Varies

Wine Glasses from Luigi Bormioli

As a world leading brand in the art of glassmaking, Italian company Luigi Bormioli should be your go to if mum is looking for some primo wine glasses to help keep those dinner parties flowing. The beautifully simple design with each is sturdy and reliable, which is exactly what she’d want if she’s looking to impress with the smaller details. The brand currently has a Diamantre Riesling set of 4 going for $79.95, as well as a Diamante Prosecco set of 4 for the same price. All of them are Made from SON.hyx a superior lead free crystal for an ultra clear glass that will remain sparkling even after 4,000 industrial dishwasher cycles.

RRP: $97.95

Australia: The Cookbook

You’ll never go astray when picking up a top quality cookbook for Mother’s Day. It’s a reliable gift by any measure, even more so when you’ve got one as brilliantly conceived and designed as Phaidon’s new Australia: The Cookbook. The celebration of Australian cuisine spans 350 recipes designed to showcase the breadth and depth of this country and the people who inhabit it. Insightful content such as an essay on Indigenous Australian native bushfood, by Jody Orcher, a Ularai Barkandji woman from Brewarrina, is also included, continuing the trend of Phaidon cookbooks being much, much more than just a collection of recipes.

RRP: $65

Luca’s Culinary Journey

You’ll never go wrong with an Italian cookbook, especially when it’s one such as Luca’s Culinary Journey. This “tell all” cookbook is a deep, rich journey into the life of internationally renowned chef Luca Ciano who explores regions of Italy and around the world. His family’s generations old recipes and the ones he has built up through his years of unique and varied culinary experience – all illustrated in beautiful detail here. All laid out with easy-to-follow recipes tracking three generations of Italian family cooking.

RRP: $45

Dining & Lounge Room

Koala Modern Sofa from Koala

Koala may be best known for their popular mattress-in-a-box, but you’d be mistaken for thinking they’re all about the bedroom. The Australian brand offers a range of living room essentials like armchairs and sofas that sport the same soft colour palette and gentle design. The FSC and CertiPUR-US certified sofas come in a range of landscape-inspired hues and speak strongly to the brand’s ability to nail modern aesthetics and offer well-made, neutral furniture that’d look good in any contemporary home. The Koala Modern Sofa would be our top pick, with options ranging from the $1,450 3-seater through to the $2,700 4-seater + corner.

RRP: From $1,450

Mother’s Day Edit from Luxo Living

Aesthetics means everything when it comes to furniture, but less so when it’s from a brand not already known for their quality, long-lasting builds. Choose wisely when it comes to this, and go with a brand like Luxo Living. Their scope is wide-reaching, encompassing numerous designs for a hugely adaptable collection. Their Mother’s Day picks, some of the highlights from their signature products, is well-worth looking through if mum could use some affordable, luxurious, and well-built furniture to help give the home some life. The bohemian-natured $119 Noah Natural Rattan Side Coffee Table is a great choice for those smaller details, and then (from) $269 Evelyn Velvet Sofa Accent Chair will bring a touch of opulence to any room. Although our pick of the Mother’s Day edit goes to the head-turning Peony 3 Seater Velvet Sofa, which is currently on sale for $519.

RRP: Varies

Health & Wellness

Upright GO 2

Technology that helps you correct your posture? Yeah, there’s something for everything nowadays, and the Upright GO 2 just might be the life-saver your mum needs – especially if she’s got an office job. It’s hard to maintain a sharp focus on a health-productive behaviour such as straightening ones posture, and this tiny device goes far in helping that issue. The personal posture trainer helps develop muscle memory simply by attaching to the back and providing real-time posture feedback through an accompanying smartphone app. When your mum beings to slouch, the device will gently vibrate to give her a reminder. Users have noticed a difference within 2 weeks. Plus, you can get an additional necklace accessory so mum can wear the device without having it sticking to her back.

RRP: $119

Oral-B iO

If mum is in dire need of a highly efficient new brush for those pearly whites, Oral-B just released their advanced new iO toothbrush. Designed for a deeper clean, the brush comes with the lofty promise of 100% more plaque removal after 8 weeks compared to a regular manual toothbrush, and 100% healtheir gums in just one week (vs a regular manual toothbrush). The uniquely frictionless magnetic drive ensures energy is distributed more efficiently to the tip of the bristles, so its a smooth ride compared to those usual buzzy and slightly intimidating electric toothbrushes. The brush also uses AI tracking to provide real-time individualised data and coaching for better technique.

RRP: From $649

SpaQ Vouchers

You’ll never go wrong gifting mum a voucher to one of the best spa experiences in town. That would be SpaQ, at your local QT Hotel (Gold Coast, Sydney, or Melbourne only). Treatment options include the $325, 150 minute salt scrub, full body massage, and facial massage combo, and the $145 relax massage – two of the most popular options for very good reason.

RRP: Varies

Hutwoods Candles

Mums love nice-smelling candles. That’s a fact. And they were ahead of the game too. Everyone loves nice-smelling candles now, nodding to the sensory experience it adds to any space. Mums love them most though, so make sure you’re giving her the gift of fire and fragrance this year by linking up with Hutwoods. The brand is offering generous custom gift boxes now, where you can choose to pair up either a trio of candles, a candle & perfume, trio of travel tins, luxury candle and travel tin, or luxury candle and bath salt. Either way, make sure a candle is in there somewhere.

RRP: Varies

Edible Beauty Range

Skincare is always going to be a big deal come Mother’s Day. Choose wisely. A nice balance between affordable and quality is Edible Beauty’s curated Beauty Reset Pack, coming in a dark rose bag with both beauty reset drops and the brand’s popular deep sea collagen elixir. If mum wants to keep any fine lines and wrinkles soft, and visibly enhance the appearance of smooth and firm skin, the elixir is a dependable vegan collagen and retinol alternative which can be layered for great glow-giving results.

RRP: $79

Hunter Lab Co. Skincare

This made-in-Melbourne brand has, rightfully, been kicking all kinds of goals lately. As supremely designed and naturally made beauty products, Hunter Lab’s gear is a constant winner and one of the most premium gifts you could give this Mother’s Day. Especially seeing as beauty is the number one most reliable pick when all else fails. The brand has also put together a “World’s Greatest Mum” gift pack this year, which includes a 500ml hand and body wash, or full body cleanse, and a 250ml hand and body lotion for hydrated, healthy skin.

RRP: $68


Cricut Joy

If mum is heavy into her design, or just really enjoys creating custom labels for things, get her the Cricut Joy. The neat little portable device cuts, writes and draws practical projects such as cards and labels. Working with an app, mum can design just about anything she puts her mind to, truly customising the house down the the smaller details. It’s the latest in DIY tech and one of the most unique gifts this Mother’s Day.

RRP: $349

Where Architects Sleep

If mum is a hotel fanatic – and let’s face it, who isn’t? – then her new favourite coffee table book is Where Architects Sleep by Phaidon. Across 528 pages, the brilliant minds of over 250 of the world’s leading architects are expressed as they all share insider tips on where to stay, from renowned destinations and undiscovered gems. That’s 1,200 listings across 100 countries. Once mum starts travelling again, she’ll know exactly where to go for that unparalleled cross-section where design, hospitality, and wellness intersect.

RRP: $23

Flower: Exploring the World in Bloom

Another one from Phaidon here. Flower: Exploring the World in Bloom is the one to go for if mum has a particular appreciation for art history and the specific essays that explore, illuminate, and contextualise it. This gorgeous 352-page book is dedicated to exploring floral motifs in art throughout the ages, from botanical illustrations to film stills. Flowers hold a special place in human creativity, and their ability to inspire is profound. You’re essentially giving mum a book full of inspiration here, so don’t gloss over this one if you think mum needs a new coffee table book.

RRP: $79.95

Spirits & Wines

Ordered Chaos Gin

If mum is a gin drinker, pick up this incredibly unique and very limited edition collaboration between QT Hotels & Resorts and Four Pillars. Created to celebrate the uniquely quirky and personality-led hotel brand and all its immaculately ordered chaos, Four Pillars built this gun with aromas of spice and citrus, lifted with the odd but seamless injection of fresh coconut milk, raw almonds, and bamboo leaves. As soon that coconut and almond hits her palate, this will be her most prized possession, and that’s even before the bamboo finish creeps in. Do note that the first release sold out completely, within a matter of days, so get in quick for the current batch.

RRP: $89

House of Arras Blanc de Blancs 2009

Let’s get more specific here. If mum wants an Australian sparkling wine that’s really second to none, especially given the price point, you’re getting her the 2009 vintage House of Arras Blanc de Blancs. No questions asked. The benchmark Australian sparkling is a world-class product with brilliant clariety, a bright gold lustre, and a fine, persistent bead. If she’s a fan of sparkling then no doubt she’s dove straight into that profile of lemon meringue, jasmine flower, Chinese five spice and sea spray before. She’ll want to do it again, so make sure you’ve got this handy the augment any of the other gifts on this list.

RRP: $121.00

Plantation Rum

Mum consider herself a bit of a connoisseur when it comes the spirits? Give her something that might surprise her this year. Actually, it will surprise her. She won’t be expecting you to gift her a bottle of rum, but she’ll definitely be happy if you have the sense of pick up the limited edition release of Plantation Rum. The signature spirit is macerated with fresh topical pineapples, but this limited release also throws it into a sustainable bundle with metal straws and straw cleaners to further the eco-consciousness the drinks industry has been increasingly investing in. Plus, it’s an essential to have on the shelf if mum likes shaking up those flavour-forward cocktails.

RRP: $69.99

Invivo & Co Range

Invivo & Co, the southern hemisphere’s largest crowdfunded winery, have a bigger presence in Australia now that they’ve launched a new direct-to-consumer Australian online store via That means its easier to get your hands across their huge range, which of course includes renowned collaborations with Graham Norton and Sarah Jessica Parker. Norton’s comprehensive wine and spirits range is available, including his excellent New Zealand rose. While SJP has got a new 2020 vintage of her Invivo x SJP Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc to celebrate. Given more than 500,000 bottles of SJP’s collaboration sold out around the world in 2019, make sure mum doesn’t miss out by hopping on and grabbing a few bottles.

RRP: Varies

Hadys HRB Chardonnay 2017

Mum more of a Chardy gal? Pick up Hardys HRB Chardonnay 2017, an excellent and complex vintage of intense fruit, structured acidity, and subtle oak nuances. The multi-regional blend is a fantastic achievement for the legendary label, best experienced with all those stone fruit flavours come washing through to make way for layers of oak, almond and a creamy finish.

RRP: $34.99

Bay of Fires Pinot Noir 2019

Bright, vibrant red in colour. The perfume of this wine is very complex. Sweet ripe strawberry fruit features with Chinese spice from MV6 clone vineyards and whole bunch influence- star anise, cinnamon plum blossom. Although elegant and supple, the wine shows remarkable power, intensity and length on the palate. Framed by ripe, moderate tanning the graceful sweet strawberry fruit is complemented but not dominated by Spice. Overall, the wine has wonderful poise and balance with remarkable length of flavour as all great Pinot Noirs should.

RRP: $60.99
Buy: All major retailers and independent stores.

The Group, The Quiver Grenache

The Group, a collective that utilises the skills and quality of around 100 grape growers, present this Grenache with considerable flair. If you’re looking for an affordable, spicy red and mum has been known to favour Grenache, you could do worse than picking up on of these the next time you’re in a Liquorland or First Choice Market.

RRP: $34
Buy: Liquorland or First Choice Market stores.


Bellevue Cottage’s Mother’s Day Hamper

If you really want to treat mum to a perfect Mother’s Day Lunch, look no further than Bellevue Cottages Mother’s Day Hamper. Whether it’s a Sunday picnic, or lunch at home, mum will be spoiled with a wholesome and delectable Mother’s Day feast.

To start, expect a Garlic And Herb Brioche With Whipped Lemon And Mint Yoghurt, then enjoy a cool, Fresh Kingfish Crudo. Feast upon Barramundi and Crab Cottage Pie Butter Crispy Pastry served with light cream and a refreshing avocado grapefruit salad. For a sweet finish, a traditional French Chocolate Mousse is in order.

Customised to serve groups from 2 – 10 people, the hamper is also available for larger groups. Vouchers will also be given in each hamper to be used on your next dine in visit.

RRP: Varies

Lindt Caramel Squares

If we’re being honest, chocolate is the only way to any mother’s heart and you cannot go wrong spoiling your mum with some classic Lindt chocolate this Mother’s Day. With Lindt’s new caramel range available, it’s the perfect gift for mum to self-indulge..

Featuring their Milk Chocolate Caramel Squares, the combination of luxurious milk chocolate with a velvety caramel filling creates the perfect bite of decadence. For mums who love dark chocolate, their Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Squares is the perfect blend of silky caramel, rich dark chocolate and an addition of sea salt that balances the exemplary flavour.

RRP: $8.00
Buy: All major retailers and independent stores.

Mother’s Day Gotcha Bubble Tea Range

Gotcha is celebrating Mother’s Day this year with a new menu for mum to enjoy a refreshing tea with a twist. The latest range is dedicated to fragrant whole leaf flower teas that are both delicate and aid in numerous health benefits.

Their aromatic floral flavours include their sweet-scented Chrysanthemum Honey Tea. For black and green tea lovers, their Peach Rose Oolong Black Tea has the perfect hint of caffeine which supports mental alertness.

Encourage mum to be bold and get her to try the Black Sesame Oat Fresh Milk Tea with revitalising purple rice served with fresh oat milk. This tea is a great one for calming the digestive system.

From the Kyoto region in Japan, enjoy the Kyobancha Tea which has a nutty aroma and smokey flavour and is the perfect everyday drink.

RRP: Varies
Buy: All major retailers and independent stores.

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