Momentum True Wireless 3 Earbuds Review : The perfect fit

Sennheiser has released their brand new headphones in the Momentum range, known as the True Wireless 3 earbuds. After a 2 year break and time to enjoy the truly excellent Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds (read our review here), the next version has now arrived, complete with an overhauled design and beautiful sound quality that could rival premium alternatives like Sony’s WF-1000XM4 and Bose Sport Earbuds. These earbuds deliver some extremely beautiful ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) that work hand in hand with superior audio quality. There are responsive touch controls on both earbuds that let you control the ACN and track control that is connected to the Smart Control app to control the EQ and remap the touch controls if you wish. All of this delivers the best sounding Bluetooth wireless earbuds in the game right now.


Along with the earbuds is Sennheiser’s Smart Control app which has added a bunch of new features including a mode ideally for podcast listening, there is a bass boost and treble boost along with the ability to change the settings and allows you to customise the right sound for you. You can also add these into places and almost geotag so that certain EQ’s and modes can activate when you get to a certain location. It’s a great intuitive design and works flawlessly with the earbuds. The UI is clean with easy-to-adjust on-the-fly controls and allows you to remap the touch control on the side of the earbud to bring up the assistant, toggle between tracks and control the volume.

The sound signature of the earbuds themselves allows for a deep and rich bass that is only helped by turning on the bass boost mode. The instruments and sounds are isolated and you get some glorious highs and lows from this incredible wireless earbud. It really feels like Sennheiser have put their signature sound into the hardware that works in conjunction with the software. The drivers are responsive and work with the app’s high-end details.

In this updated model we have Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation that you can turn on and off in the app. The adaptive triggers allow for  the music to pause when you take the earbud out and resume when you put it back in. There is also an anti-wind mode that you can turn on when you’re outside to reduce some of the wind sweeping through the earbuds. The transparency mode is adjustable and handy to have when someone starts talking to your outside or you need to be more aware of your surroundings in busy environments.


The case the earbuds are stored in is a beautiful denim style with a USB charger on the outside of the case. The case fits comfortably in your pocket and the fabric and logo provide a premium feel. If you have any wireless charging pads, you can also charge the headphones in the case on a wireless pad or plug a USB-C cable in the back. The battery life is fantastic, giving me around 20 hours on a full charge. If you find yourself in a pinch, a quick 10-minute charge will give you a full hour of listening.

Design-wise the earbuds themselves are smaller than the previous 2 generations. The edges are rounded and fit really well in your ear with a wingtip design that doesn’t rely on a silicon tip to hold the bud in your ear which makes it great when running or moving around. The packaging gives you four different silicon tips that you can customise to your ear. Using the best one forms a solid seal inside your ear providing the best isolation and fit without them easily falling out. The touchpad on the outside of the earbud is responsive and easy to use. The earbuds offer a Bluetooth 5.2 connection while this doesn’t allow for multiple device connections like the Sony earbuds, it is easy to save devices on the Smart Control app and switch between them.

The earbud has several microphones around each side giving more clarity when it comes to making phone calls. I conducted several tests both inside and outside in windy environments and noisy cities and found both the caller and myself could hear quite well with minimum wind interference. There is still some background noise from the street that comes through as to be expected, but it is a huge improvement over the previous models.


The Momentum True Wireless 3 noise cancelling earbuds are a massive step forward for Sennheiser. By improving on the look, sound and design with adaptive noise cancellation, they are the perfect reason to upgrade. I have spent a full 2 weeks using them as my main earbuds and didn’t notice any lag or connection issues. The earbuds are a great fitting device and a worthy successor to the Momentum wireless series.


Highlights: Premium sound quality; new and improved design; solid Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation
Lowlights: Bluetooth 5.2 connection doesn’t allow for multiple device connections
Manufacturer: Sennheiser
Price: A$399.95
Available: Now

Review based on unit supplied by Sennheiser.