The ultimate guide to last minute Father’s Day gift ideas in 2022

Father’s Day is coming up on Friday 5th September and you know you haven’t given much thought to what to get the old man yet. We’re here to help. The AU Review has collated some of our favourite gift ideas over the past year and beyond, some that we’ve featured before and others we’ve been loving lately.

With the constant influx of gift ideas out there, it’s hard to decide on how exactly you should celebrate the old man’s first Father’s Day out of lockdown. Make it special of course, and if you feel any of the following will have dad’s September off to a great start then pull together that pocket change and go all-in. From one of the latest 5G smartphones and an excellent pair of office headphones to a one-stop-shop kitchen gadget, a coffee machine you can actually talk to and a pair of some of the best noise-cancelling earbuds around. Of course, you’ll need a good whisky to go along with that and maybe a voucher for one of the best spas in your city.

The AU Review’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

QT Hotels & Resorts Experiences

Is dad the type of bloke to appreciate a good hotel experience when he sees one? QT Hotels & Resorts is the kind of left-centre vibe that’s perfect if he’s looking for something a bit different this Father’s Day. If you’re in Gold Coast or Perth, the QT’s there will each be doing a “man tea” on the weekend leading up to dad day. What does that entail? Well for Gold Coast you’ve got everything from Maker’s Mark smoked pork shoulder to tempura bug rolls, and at QT Perth the session takes place on the rooftop with co-hosts Gage Road Brewing.

If Sydney is more your style, get dad a fresh cut and a luxury wet shave at The Barbershop and maybe back that up with a treatment at the celebrated SpaQ.

QT Hotels

Magimix Cook Expert

There’s your standard, everyday food processor that does a good enough job helping you nail those recipes, and then there’s the Magimix Cook Expert. It’s a real powerhouse; a high-end French-made dream come true for anyone who spends a good chunk of their day in the kitchen and wants more time, to do less.

The award-winning food processor is powerful enough to do the job of 15 other kitchen appliances, given it’s able to chop, mix, cook, steam, whisk, and even make dough, as well as slice, grate and mince using a full food processor attachment. Couple that with endless easy-to-follow recipes and it won’t even matter if you’re buying for someone who is completely useless in the kitchen.

$2,299 | Magimix

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Bose has really knocked it out of the park here, taking the supreme noise-cancelling and comfortable design that made the QuietComfort overhear headphone line so game-changing and shrinking that down to a pair of earbuds. With exceptional, well-balanced sound, dad is going to love locking himself into his own little personal listening session whenever the nagging gets too much for him. Just don’t expect him to ever listen to you again.

$399.95 | Bose

Bruan Series 9 Pro Wet & Dry Shaver

If dad is looking to keep that chin in check, there are few grooming sets on the market as capable and efficient as the Braun Series 9 Pro Wet & Dry Electric Shaver. It’s the latest in this incredibly successful series of foil shavers, dependable when it comes to giving a close and gentle shave with no compromise. The 5 shaving elements capture more hair in one stroke, represent a substantial leap over previous models and positioning the Series 9 as the quintessential key your dad’s grooming regime should be anchored by. If he’s got an older model and is in need of an upgrade, it would go far getting him something he’s going to be using on a daily basis.

If you’re on a budget, Braun also has the all-in-one trimmer that you can pick up for just $199. The premium trimmer is beautifully designed and is perfect for when dad wants to focus on the beard or even a bit of nose trimming.

$549 | Shaver Shop

Google Pixel 6a

Google’s popular A-series smartphone line has finally levelled up into the current gen with the Google Pixel 6a. Featuring the Google Tensor chip, this affordable 5G phone offers all the convenience and forward-thinking pizzaz of the Google Pixel 6 Pro at a much lower price point. Dad won’t feel like you’ve compromised by getting him this A-series gem, with dual rear cameras and an exceptional selfie camera, both of which take advantage of Google’s wide-ranging software.

$599 | Google

Google Pixel Buds Pro

Google has finally upped its game when it comes to the company’s entry into the ultra-competitive market for truly wireless earbuds. While the original Google Pixel Buds were divisive and met with mixed reviews, the Pro variant has arrived with brilliant active noise-cancelling and have been getting plenty of great reviews across the board. Plus, they look super slick and unlike any other pair of earbuds out there. Dad will love them.

$299 | Google

LavAzza A Modo Mio Voicy

Voice assistant technology has finally come to coffee machines with the LavAzza A Modo Mio Voicy. As the first capsule coffee machine with voice control, this will add an extra layer of convenience to dad’s morning routine. Alexa has been built into to this espresso machine, which is also compatible with any other Alexa device in the home to dad can seamlessly incorporate this into his smart home set up. All he needs to do is set his coffee preferences then tell Alexa to prepare him a cup of the good stuff while the machine holds up to 10 coffee capsules in preparation.

$349 |

Lark Whisky

The perfect splurge for Dad, Lark Whisky is a great alternative to socks and jocks and perfect for the whisky faithful and the whisky newcomer. The Father’s Day gift sets from this lauded Tasmanian distillery feature releases such as Lark’s flagship Classic Cask single malt, Larks first ever blended malt, SYMPHONY Nº1 and many more. See them here. And if you really want to splurge, why not gift dad a trip to Tassie to visit the distillery for a whisky tasting themselves?

Lark Distillery

Jabra Evolve2 30

Jabra has refined their popular enterprise overear headphone series with the Jabra Evolve2 30, a no-brainer if dad is in need of some cans for the office. With 2 built-in microphones, Jabra has nailed call clarity, making for seamless UC and Microsoft Teams integration, which dad can engage all day without getting tied thanks to a design that’s 27% lighter than the previous model. Not bad for a pair of headphones that starts at such a low price point.

$120 | Jabra

Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon Starter Kit 9-Pack

Is dad a bit of a design lover? Smart home lighting has gone through all kinds of evolutions over the past few years, but few steps have been as fascinating as Nanoleaf. Flexible, colourful, and incredibly smart, the Hexagon Start Kit provides 9 light-up tiles that dad can arrange in any pattern he likes, giving any room a huge boost in personality. The starter kit lets the old man create any panel design he pleases, and then control it either via an app or with a voice assistant.

$261 | JB Hi-Fi

Logitech MX Mechanical

By now should all be aware of the virtues of having a good, tactile mechanical keyboard that tracks well. The difference it makes to efficiency is substantial, so if dad is in need of something to help him lift his game at the computer get him this high-end MX keyboard from Logitech. The low-profile keyboard has been designed to evoke that old-school experience with perfect stability and top performance.

$269.95 | JB Hi Fi

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3

The classic portable speaker is still one of the best on the market and if dad is in need of some tunes while he’s travelling, this should be the first thing you think of. Supremely waterproofed and shockproof with a great sound profile, the UE Boom 3 is more than just a party machine. Dad will be able to take his favourite playlist and podcasts with him wherever he goes, changing the way he travels for good.

$229.95 | Ultimate Ears

Image: The Barbershop, QT Sydney.