D-Link M32 AX3200 Mesh Router System Review: King of the Mighty Mesh Mountain

We’ve taken a few of D-Link’s Eagle Pro AI routers for a spin, including the R15 AX1500 router and the G415 AX1500 4G router, with positive opinions in mind. As we return to the Eagle Pro AI range with the 3-pack M32 AX3200 mesh router system, it’s admittedly hard to argue with the results. Be it the incredible range of coverage or user friendly Eagle Pro AI mobile app, this system serves as a must for larger households and multiple users and devices alike. While most households may never need the 3-pack system, a 2-pack alternative may suit in terms of price, with the former ranking among the most expensive systems at AUD $599. But if you’re in need of wider range and a more consistent connection, you need look no further.


The M32 AX3200 routers might initially look both basic and minimal with no defining features. But that might just be the point. With one unit serving as the main router and two serving as extenders, it’s easy to understand why most users would want something that blends into the background, given their multiple locations throughout the household. While I prefer black, the solid white colourway and lack of multiple flashing lights, all the necessary information is conveyed through a single cross-shaped light atop each unit, with a white light indicating that the units are connected to the internet. Their taller posture allows them to also fit in smaller corners of the room, while I can imagine most users would rejoice at the lack of any spaceship inspired antennas. Each unit also sports both a WAN and 2 LAN ports for ethernet futility, be it your home computer, TV or gaming console.


Complete with the newer Wi-Fi 6 and both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, it falls in line with each of its Eagle Pro AI siblings, presenting users with the most recent Wi-Fi technology to date. While this rarely amounts to anything more than a more consistent connection, there’s no harm in future proofing. The 2.4GHz band allows for up to 800Mbps, which is undeniably massive for multiple users and most Australian homes with otherwise average internet speeds. The 5GHz band however, accommodates a whopping 2400Mbps with a 2×2 antenna for 4-stream use and a dedicated fifth for the AI network channel monitoring.

We’ll touch on the software aspect of the package later, as many of the Eagle Pro AI features are controlled via the app, but there’s no denying the sheer versatility of three points of Wi-Fi contact with the household. The M32 mesh system will automatically detect and monitor the general traffic and internet use of the household. Be it the amount of users and connected devices throughout the home, each node continuously works to provide users with the best form of connectivity. The M32 mesh system also features an AI Mesh Optimiser, complete with AI-enhanced Beamforming technology that aims to provide the home and overall connection with a broader range and more consistent connection. Most users would look to Wi-Fi extenders for basic routers, while I would recommend taking advantage of a better router like this in the first place for the sake of consistency. Thankfully, all of the routers in the Eagle Pro AI range have followed suit with this technology.

Unfortunately, I only have one gripe with the system itself. While I understand the reason for such complaints, it must be noted that others may encounter such problems with little explanation. Certain devices in the household that rely on wireless connectively to other devices may experience drop outs or the outright inability to connect. In my personal experience devices like my printer and Chromecast seemed to be connecting to either different bands or certain nodes which rendered them useless unless both the wireless device and intended connected device are on the same band. This can be fixed however, through restarting the system or adjusting the band settings via the Eagle Pro AI app, but had proven a little frustrating before I had figured out the issue.


We believe the Eagle Pro AI app cooperates with the M32 mesh system as it has in our previous reviews of other Eagle Pro AI routers, and have included an excerpt from previous reviews which we still believe to be accurate.

“The free Eagle Pro AI companion app is also required for the initial setup, but absolutely essential in terms of maximising efficiency. It’s incredibly easy to navigate, and is responsible for additional features, including the aforementioned AI Mesh Optimiser and the handy AI Parental Control.

As the name suggests, AI Parental Control allows users to monitor and manage their children’s online activities. From here, you can create a profile for individual users to block and minimize access to the internet. Aside from the rampant virus exposure that may be a cause for concern for some parents, certain sites can even be curbed thanks to a web filter. The Eagle Pro AI App also allows for voice control through multiple platforms including the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This might feel unnecessary for some, but is a welcome inclusion for those looking to turn their home into a smart, interconnected haven. The included AI Assistant can also whip up weekly reports for you incusing user activity and general internet traffic, with recommendations on how to solve the issues that may arise as a result. Overall, the app is incredibly easy to navigate and continuously informative at every step.”

Verdict & Value

The D-Link Eagle Pro AI M32 AX3200 Mesh Router System is an incredibly versatile option that is bound to satisfy the majority of general internet users via a stable and interconnected system connection. It’s incredibly easy to set up thanks to the Eagle Pro AI app, and provides an experience that is incredibly smooth and easy to adjust, while most of the nifty features like AI Traffic and AI Mesh Optimisers aim to work in the background, while you work on the task at hand. Should the $599 price point suit, I would be hard pressed to recommend anything else.


Highlights: Solid performance and range; AI Traffic and AI Mesh features come in handy; Eagle Pro AI companion app is a joy to use
Lowlights: Steep price point; Certain devices may drop in and out due to multiple band connections
Manufacturer: D-Link
Price: A$599
Available: Now

Review based on unit supplied by D-Link.

Matthew Arcari

Matthew Arcari is the games and technology editor at The AU Review. You can find him on Twitter at @sirchunkee, or at the Dagobah System, chilling with Luke and Yoda.