6 unbelievable mobile app success stories

Before long, the whole world is going to be taken over by mobile. In a world where convenience is everything, it’s important that businesses keep up and make all of their content easily accessible for all.

After all, only 30% of web traffic came from devices other than mobile last year, according to Digital Authority Partners. It’s expected that by the end of 2019, 80% of traffic will come from mobile devices.

What we do know, however, is that creating a mobile app is hard. While development can be simple with the right team, actually getting the app to do well in the market is very difficult down to the sheer amount of apps out there. 

But all is not lost! Many businesses do manage to develop amazing mobile apps that hit the market just right and end up in the 1% of success stories. 

We’ve found 6 to keep your hopes and aspirations high.


Lift is full of motivational quotes to hit a market of people with big aspirations. The app creates a sense of community that encourages users to stay committed to their goals and working hard.

Users can simply enter their goals and then program the app to manage their progress, much like a free personal assistant.

Lift will also give users advice on how to work hard to reach their goals, and link them up to others with the same great mindset as them.

This app hit the market perfectly at a time where young people’s lives are surrounded by ‘hustling’. 

For an app to do well, it needs to fit a niche that no other app does. By targeting driven and motivated people, this Lift attracts an audience that is set to do well but needs a little push.

Marketing was key surrounding this. It could have just ended up being a place for people to receive the odd inspirational quote, yet instead, it managed to become a source that people now struggle to set and reach goals without. 


SportMe founder Andrew Greenstein used his background in AI and automation to develop an app that would benefit the sporting nation.

Using your expertise is the best way to create an app that is successful, as the more confident you are, the more users with trust and believe in your product.

Applying skillsets to an app really is going to give it a boost as the more you know, the better you will be prepared when you come across difficulties and challenges. 

Solving niche issues can be hard when you know nothing about the area or target market, so it’s better to be an expert from the start.

SportMe is now a hugely successful app that provides training plans for people to run everything from a 5k to a full marathon using smart technology.

It isn’t free, but has built up such a great reputation that users are now prepared to pay to support the app and the team behind it. 

Benevolent AI

There have been a fair few great healthcare startups in 2021, one of which is Benevolent AI. This fantastic app pairs drug treatments with the right patients to help patients who have been unresponsive to treatments in the past.

It has been fantastic for developing therapies for incurable diseases such as motor neuron disease, Parkinson’s disease, glioblastoma, and sarcopenia, and is set to make waves in 2019.

Apps that see a gap in the market and fill it well are bound to become huge successes, and it’s exciting to see how far Benevolent AI will go.


Uber is different from other app success stories as it doesn’t target a niche. After all, every time an app store user searches for Uber, an array of Ride apps will also appear in the search results.

However, Uber has managed to prove that it is the easiest to use and the most successful taxi app out of them all.

How? By having an amazingly comprehensive marketing strategy.

Uber has used word of mouth as its main source of marketing, which works really well when it comes to reliable taxi services.

It also constantly sponsors, events and companies as a way to get its name out there, and its free trial works really well for getting potential new customers to download and try out the app. 

Uber also shows itself to be very customer-friendly, with referral programs set up to help loyal customers out and the opportunity to rate drivers.

This makes customers feel safe in a world where taxi companies and drivers often receive bad press for weak safety regulations.

And of course, word of mouth is key for any business that is trying to stand out in an oversaturated market.


Invitd is a free invitation maker app which makes it super easy to send invites by text in such a modern world.

The perk of this app, once again, is convenience. Instead of looking like a further hassle for a user, it works to make the process easy and look as if it is doing all of the hard work for the individual. 

Users love this, and it’s part of exactly why this app does so well. 

Invitd worked on building on its success little by little, instead of expecting a huge rush on day one. In fact, founder Steve Carlton put a lot of its success down to patience. 

On launch day, the app only had 34 downloads. However this was better than nothing, and three years later the app has 250,000 registered users and over 5 million invitations have been sent. 

The team focused on making the process of sending invitations out as easy as possible, and through more and more people using the app and sending the texts, once again word of mouth kicked in.


The team behind this startup used every source possible to make their app the best they could. By speaking to as many developers, salesmen, and startup events as they could, the team was able to see exactly how they needed to market towards their target audience. 

A problem for many startups is getting the attention they deserve without having a track record or past success story.

According to FriendzApp founder Alessandro Cadoni, the team used to station themselves outside the headquarters of big brands in an aim to meet the leaders who never paid attention.

By constantly delivering your perfect mobile elevator pitch to hundreds and hundreds of people, you’re bound to find at least one who wants to know more.

That one person could be your first big investor or the project manager you really need, so it’s important to stay alert when these opportunities pop up at unsuspecting moments.