5 perfect technology gifts for your last minute Mother’s Day scramble

So you’ve left Mother’s Day gifting to the last minute again. As always, we’ve got you. Below we’ve curated five tech products we’ve been loving lately in case you want to pick mum up something that’ll make her life much easier. You know how much mums love new tech!

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Show her the ability to instantly erase unwanted photobombers and she’ll be hooked. Trust us. Not only does Google’s current flagship smartphone feature a Magic Erasure feature, but it also takes some of the best photos on a smartphone to date. Needless to say, the company has thrown a lot into this one and it’s paid off dramatically.

From $1,299 | buy here

Nanoleaf Starter Kit

We’ve been loving Nanoleaf lately as a smart home lighting solution. The shapes are interesting, easy to install, and very adaptable so mum should have a lot of fun using these panels to decorate her home and bring a bit of life to any space.

$249 | buy here

Theragun Mini 2.0

Theragun has refined its mini massage gun with a 2.0 version that is quieter, feels lighter to grip and can be used from variou angles. Plus, it fits snugly into any bag so if mum wants some remote massage-on-demand she can take with her wherever she goes, she’ll love you for this.

$349 | buy here

Amazon Fire TV Devices

Some of Amazon’s most popular devices still include the Fire TV 4K Max Stick and Fire TV Cube. These two simple devices are a one-stop-shop when it comes to take your streaming accounts with you on the go, whether that’s too a hotel for work or a friend’s house. If mum enjoys having all her entertainment sorted in one go, then you could do much worse than one of these.

From $59 | buy here

Sony WH1000XM5

Sony’s current flagship headphones are stunning. Not only are they top-performing when it comes to audio, especially bass, but they are also unbeatable when you think of active noise cancelling. If mum has any travel coming up, or she simply wants some peace and quiet at home, this will be her new favourite kit of 2023.

$549 | buy here