4 Must-Have Tech Tools for Australian Singers

Are you an Aussie singer who is constantly looking for ways to improve your voice and your performance? For famous Aussie artists like Iggy Azalea, Sia, and Kylie Minogue, there is no such thing as perfection; instead, it’s a constant quest to improve, unlock additional creativity and push your limits.

While this can only be done through lots of practice and a shot of inspiration, some tech tools will make things smoother for you. Here are four must-have tech tools meant for singers in Australia.

A Digital Recorder Is Useful for Practice

Any Aussie singer knows that the saying “practice makes perfect” can certainly apply to their art form. It’s extremely rare to be able to sing a song the first time and have it come out perfect without any adjustments or fine-tuning. This is exactly why a digital recorder can be a useful tech piece.

Digital recorders are fabulous for recording yourself so you can listen to your performances, make notes, compare them with other recordings and renditions and perfect the outcome. You don’t need anything super fancy or filled with features, just keep it basic and streamlined. If the device is small enough, you can even carry it with you.

The specifications you will want to focus on are how much memory/storage it has, whether the memory can be expanded, what the battery life is, and how quick and easy it is to transfer audio files to your laptop or desktop.

Enhance Audio in the Production Process

How many times have you finished a song only to wish it was more dynamic and made more of an impact? Even if you’ve performed the song flawlessly, it still may not deliver in the way you had hoped. That doesn’t mean the song needs to be scrapped; it may just benefit from some production magic.

Tech offerings like the Punch vocal compression plug-in are meant to put you in the driver’s seat and fine-tune your music. These kinds of tools are meant to be user-friendly, so beginners don’t feel in over their heads.

A Note-Taking Tool to Keep Track of Ideas

As a musician, ideas, concepts and creativity can strike at any time so you need to be able to make notes at the moment. A note-taking app or tool on your smartphone can usually do the trick, but if you find yourself writing long notes or full pieces of songs/music, you may need to take things a step further. There are several tablets you can use with a stylus – which looks and feels like a pen or pencil. This allows you to write your notes and ideas and then transfer those files to your laptop or desktop.

Critique Your Visual Performance Using Video

If you are working on your stage and visual presence and performance, it can be handy to record yourself so you know what you look like. Your smartphone’s video camera may be okay, but ideally, you want something that is higher quality. A vlogging camera can do the trick nicely.

Using these tools allows you to pursue music in Australia and perfect it at the same time.