13 Father’s Day gift ideas for the last minute shopper

You’ve got less than a week till Father’s Day comes around for 2019.

1st September marks the annual gift-giving occasion, which doubles as a good time to see exactly what’s floating around the market and turning heads this year. To help lessen any stress, we’ve zoned in on 13 of our favourite tech, gaming and home products available.


Sony WF-1000XM3 Noise-Cancelling Headphones
Price: $399.95
Sony may have just done what was previously thought impossible. They’ve achieved exceptional sound quality and perfect noise cancellation with in-ear buds. Yeah, ridiculous. But it’s true. The sound profile on these things is crystal clear, with thumping bass to boot. And dad will have no trouble blocking out any background noise with these in his ear, thanks to advanced noise cancelling technology, adaptive sound control and a simple user experience that can be used all day with a 24-hour overall battery life. Even the case is sexy as hell. Get them HERE.

JBL Bar 2.1
Price: $499.00
Does your dear old dad love movies? We’ll bet he does, and with a soundbar like the JBL Bar 2.1, he’ll be able to hear them better than ever. Priced at a very competitive $499 AUD, the Bar 2.1 offers big 300W output for movies and music, and features some of the best virtual surround sound tech on the market today. What’s more, its 165mm wireless subwoofer is a breeze to set up and won’t clutter up the living room. More information HERE.

DJI Osmo Action
Price: $499.00
Do you have a travel dad? Help him elevate those post-trip memories by getting him hooked on action cameras. He’ll thank you for it, especially when DJI’s new Osmo Action helps him find his own unique angle while he’s out exploring the world. Though the company is best known for their drones, their first entry into the action camera market comes with considerable gusto, and specs including 12MP photos, 4K HDR video, 8x slow motion, and adventure-ready ruggedness that encompasses shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof to the depths of 11 metres without the need for additional housing. An epic dad needs an epic camera. More information HERE.

Google Pixel 3a XL
Price: $799.00
Google made the best possible move they could have made with the powerful Google Pixel 3 XL, streamlining it by trimming some fat (albeit juicy fat, like a Snapdragon 845), and dropping the price for the mid-range market. They’ve kept that incredible photography though, and optimised it enough that this near-premium experience comes at a substantially less expensive price than the primary flagship. The result is the best value phone on the market today, so if dad is in need of a new ringer, and has a particular love for smartphone photography, you should be grabbing him this asap. More information HERE.

Fitbit Ionic
Price: $399.95
Fitbit went full smartwatch with the Ionic, combining the best of two worlds in a sleek profile. And Fitbit is still one of the most popular gift options each year, with good reason. If Dad is looking for a reliable smartwatch and an efficient fitness tracker with great battery life, music storage, mobile payments, and sleep analysis, then this one’s a no-brainer. If it’s too expensive, go for the Fitbit Versa, which is substantially cheaper and just as valuable. More information HERE.

Price: Various
Heard of Moment? Nope? I don’t blame you. Neither had I until a professional photographer started raving about them to me earlier this year. Fast forward a few months and I’m a convert. Moment is a company that makes premium, ultra reliable detachable lenses for your smartphone, allowing you to up your photography game in ways that just weren’t possible before. Phone doesn’t have a wide angle lens? Grab one from Moment and it does now. Need something to add a bit of drama to your videos? Grab an anamorphic lens and start putting those YouTube travel vloggers to shame. If you’re phone already has a portrait mode (like the Google we’ve suggested above), grab a telephoto lens from Moment and thank me later. Just get a case from their website, then whatever lens you need – they twist on and off seamlessly. Visit their website at www.shopmoment.com/shop


WD Gaming Hard Drive
Price: From $79.99
If dad’s an avid gamer, then chances are that limited capacity console is almost brimming with content. That’s where something like the WD Gaming Drive comes in, designed especially to expand the capacity on a console like a PS4 by up to 4TB. That translates to a metric fuck tonne of games so pop doesn’t have to worry about cutting ties for the sake of adding to his gaming library. More information HERE.

Xbox One S
Price: $379.00
More than just a video game console, the Xbox One S can do it all. YouTube and Netflix? Check. 4K Blu-ray and DVDs? You bet. Music streaming? Of course! And with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator on the horizon, arguably the Dad-liest of any video game franchise in history. He’s secretly going to want to use it for actual gaming too. More information HERE.

PlayStation Hits
Price: $19.95 – $49.95
But what if your dad does play video games? Well, you’d best be getting the most Dadcore games available. The PlayStation Hits range of best-selling PS4 games are the perfect library to help get started with games at a bargain price – whether he wants to master brutal Nordic combat in God of War or live out his Indiana Jones fantasy in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, hit the road in Driveclub or enter the octagon in EA Sports UFC 2. More information HERE.

PlayStation 4 Dual Shock Controllers
Price: $99.95
Did you know that a new wave of PlayStation 4 controllers are on the way? They feature a range of sweet new colours, including the Daddest possible design, Red Camouflage. These bad boys are the latest in a wide range of controller colours and styles for the DualShock 4 controller, and we’re sure you’ll find one among them that suits your pop down to the ground. More information HERE.


Shop Moq
Price: $300.00
If dad fancies himself a bit of a cook then a fairly safe, always welcome gift would be a brand new cookware set. In a stroke of perfect timing, a new website has launched in Australia called Shop MOQ, a new marketplace where anyone can purchase top of the range, high value goods at cost price. They’ve got a ASD Premium Stainless Steel 10 piece cookware set waving the flag high for the new online brand, made up of stylish pots and pans using 3-ply multi-layering technology for superior results. The set is valued at $1,500 and is available for $300, which is an enormous price drop, so if you’re looking to get a comprehensive set for dad’s kitchen, now is the time. You can visit the website at shopmoq.com/.

Arlo Ultra
Price: From $1,388.00
Building the modern smart home has never been more accessible or easier. Tech advancements have connected just about everything possible so you can control your home at the press of a button like you were some kind of home whisperer. But does the modern smart home need a modern security system? Society points to yes, which is why you’ve no doubt been seeing company’s race to build the best smart security system they can. If dad is interested, get him the affordable Arlo Ultra cameras, then sit back and watch him get hooked as he monitors the home from wherever he is, whenever he wants with auto-zoom, 4K and enhanced colour night vision. You can build up the system too, by grabbing the Arlo Chime and Doorbell which come separately and work in concert with the cameras. More information HERE.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool
Price: $799.00
Dyson have officially won me over this year, and the praise looks to be unanimous for their epic Hot + Cool device. It’s a tower, just like the Pure Cool was, albeit a bit smaller, and one that can both effortlessly cool and rapidly heat a room at your whim. Or just leave it on auto and watch it prove how smart it is by modulating temperature and purifying the air at the same time. Yep, it’s a purifier too – and it works damn well, with a comprehensive filter that can take care of everything from tiny dust particles to noxious gases. It’s also just a really cool way to educate yourself on the harmful changes in air quality that we usually ignore. You’ll be ‘borrowing’ this one off dad regularly. More information HERE.

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is an Editor-At-Large at the AU review, loves writing about travel and hospitality, and is partial to a perfectly textured octopus. You can reach him on Instagram: @chrisdsingh.