Wolverine 3

Stephen Merchant to join Hugh Jackman in Wolverine 3

April 28, 2016

The Office alum Stephen Merchant is set to join Hugh Jackman in director James Mangold‘s Wolverine 3, according to The Wrap. Merchant is yet to be tied to a specific role but is best known for his comedic work, often collaborating with Ricky Gervais on titles including The Office, An Idiot Abroad and Extras. Merchant will join Richard […]

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Boyd Holbrook boards Wolverine 3 as villain

April 8, 2016

Narcos’ Boyd Holbrook has been signed to the upcoming Wolverine 3. His character doesn’t have a name but is described as chief of security for a global corporation pursuing Jackman’s character, so it sounds like he’ll be playing a villain. Given his prior appearance as a DEA agent doggedly pursuing Pablo Escobar, this seems like pretty good […]

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