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brent ii Jeremy Zucker Chelsea Cutler

Interview: Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler on brent ii, first songs and how they met

February 25, 2021

“Don’t fix what isn’t broken” is exactly the mantra Jeremy Zucker¬†and¬†Chelsea Cutler seemingly live by as they offer their latest EP¬†brent ii¬†as a follow up to their 2019 global success together. Through the 2020 summer of the pandemic, the pair retreated to an upstate New York cabin to continue the story of brent¬†as they evolved […]

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Interview: will hyde on with u in mind., mental health and launching his solo project.

October 29, 2020

Melbourne’s will hyde (stylised lowercase) has officially released his highly anticipated debut EP¬†with you in mind. (out now). The incredibly personal pop release is the first chapter in this 20-year-old’s solo pursuit, featuring hits “easy for u.” and “dark until september.”, all birthed through heartbreak and self-discovery. hyde’s production background from his past project SŇłDE […]

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