W Sound Suite

In Conversation with W Hotels: How the W Sound Suite strengthens the hotel group’s connection to the music world

For years W Hotel & Resorts have enjoyed a healthy connection to culture around the world. In a market where groups of hotels, resorts, and properties yearn for a significant point of difference, W has maintained credible and exciting ties with their guests’ interests, blending with the worlds of music, fashion, design, and most recently…

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W Hotels Worldwide launch W Sound Suites: a private music studio within a hotel for musicians and guests

W Hotels Worldwide have had a long-standing and seamless involvement in the music world for years now. Prince once famously performed unannounced at W Hollywood, and their many properties in hot-spots like Barcelona, Seattle, and Bali regularly welcome traveling musicians, producers, and DJs. It then makes perfect sense that W kick up their immersion in…

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