Ty Segall

Album Review: Ty Segall – Ty Segall (2017 LP)

Ty Segall‘s latest, self-titled album – the ninth in his discography – starts with the dirty, riff-driven track “Break a Guitar”. It’s the perfect opener for an album full of more dirty, riff-driven tracks and sets the scene. Segall’s voice stays within an easy range and complements the rest of the instruments, with its familiar…

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Single of the Day: Ty Segall “Orange Colour Queen” (2016)

Check this moment of sweet tenderness from Ty Segall today. In “Orange Colour Queen” we get a taste of Segall’s forthcoming self-titled album (due out in January) – it’s hazy, has an old school Beatles-esque harmonic vibe and is set to be perfect for lazy summer days. The new Ty Segall album saw the songwriter enter…

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