Two People

Album Review: Phoebe Go – Marmalade (2024 LP)

The success of an artist is often difficult to predict. The continued rise of Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Phoebe Go however, feels inevitable. From her early days in Snakadakdal to her recent tenure in Two People, Go’s musical journey culminates in her excellent debut solo album Marmalade, released on Friday. As sweet as its title suggests, Marmalade…

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Album Review: Two People’s First Body (2019 LP) is here to move you

Just Two People making music sounds pretty standard doesn’t it? Except that Phoebe Lou and Joey Clough are no ordinary people. With their five-piece band Snakadaktal, they gathered a loyal following in the indie pop scene until the outfit broke up in 2014. But this did not stop the childhood friends from pursuing their dream…

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