The Wolf Among Us

Page-by-Page: The Best Comic Book Video Game Adaptations

April 12, 2017

Comic books often seem destined for some kind of big screen adaptation, with many of them being home to brilliant stories and great characters. Sometimes, that comes in the form of blockbuster movie adaptations, but other times, comic books find their greatest successes in video games. While these games might be exceptions to the rule, […]

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Games Review: The Wolf Among Us (PS4, 2014)

November 27, 2014

I’m kind of a comic book nut. When Telltale Games announced that they were releasing a noir point-and-click adventure based on Bill Willingham’s FABLES series of graphic novels, I was pretty excited. Though The Wolf Among Us released earlier this year in it’s entirety on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, the game has just seen […]

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