The White Album

Sydney Festival Theatre Review: The White Album sees Joan Didion holding up a magnifying glass to 1960s America

January 10, 2020

The White Album may have been a seminal record by The Beatles but it’s also a book of essays by Joan Didion. Published in 1979, it is an evocative text where the author made some piercing observations about her world during the late sixties in America. Sydney Festival played host to a clever adaptation of […]

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Album Review: The Beatles White Album Experience delivers for Beatles fans on 50th anniversary

November 14, 2018

50 years ago, The Beatles released what is considered by many, one of the greatest albums of all time. The double album featuring 30 tracks, although technically self-titled, quickly became known as simply, The White Album. Now, five decades later, Spotify has facilitated the release of The Beatles White Album Experience, a 107 track audio-visual playlist that has attempted […]

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