The Jungle Bunch

Win a copy of the animated film The Jungle Bunch on DVD

In the hit animation series The Jungle Bunch to the Rescue (screening in Australia on ABC TV), The Jungle Bunch are led by Maurice, the Great Tiger-striped penguin warrior, and they help to maintain peace and order in the jungle. And now they have their very own movie. In The Jungle Bunch (Les as de la jungle), the…

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Film Review: The Jungle Bunch (France, 2017) offers shallow entertainment

Children’s films are usually edifying. It’s a pervasive trait in the genre that sees every Disney protagonist journey through some moral challenge and emerge kinder, more accepting or the hallmark ‘true to oneself’. But without these platitudes guiding the protagonists to their better selves, what does a children’s film really look like? David Alaux has…

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