The Diabolical

The Iris Interview: Ali Larter on The Diabolical, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter & more!

December 18, 2015

Ali Larter this year returned to the horror genre she’s flourished in previously in the sci-fi horror flick The Diabolical (out on DVD this month!). The American actress, who we’ve seen in memorable movies including the Resident Evil and Final Destination franchises, Legally Blonde and not to mention Heroes on the small screen, recently took […]

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Exclusive SXSW Interview: Ian Hultquist on composing The Diabolical, departing Passion Pit and more

March 22, 2015

Ian Hultquist is at SXSW promoting the horror film The Diabolical, for which he composed the musical score. He is also a founding member of synth pop band Passion Pit, although in October 2014 he announced his departure from the band. In this interview, Hultquist chats about the nature of composing for film, his inspirations, […]

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