Tanika Anderson

Connecting The Maker and The Wearer: You&Mei Launch Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

December 11, 2017

Look at the dress or shirt that you are wearing right now. Do you ever wonder where it came from? Or who made it? Imagine if that piece of clothing helped put someone through university, or helped alleviate them from living a life of sex-trafficking and poverty. You’d feel good right? Like, you helped the […]

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Interview: You&Mei is Putting a Face to Fashion and Transforming Lives

December 8, 2017

A chance encounter in the poverty stricken streets of Myanmar just under two years ago led former High-5 star, Tanika Anderson, to question the Western world’s approach to ‘fast fashion’. Now, Tanika is set to launch the second collection from clothing label, You&Mei, a social enterprise that helps to raise up young women from poverty. […]

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