Wild At Heart, Hope For The Day & To Write Love On Her Arms: Three organisations, utilising music to create an impact.

We all need a little help sometimes. Whether we’ve had a bad day from work or a fight with a friend, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves lost when obstacles are thrown into our lives. There are people out there who do good in the music industry. Many may think that people are in it…

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Photo Gallery: Switchfoot + Breakaway – The HiFi, Sydney (01.04.15)

Gwendolyn Lee brings us these fantastic photos from Switchfoot and Breakaway at The Hi-Fi in Sydney on Wednesday night. Check them out here:

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Tim Foreman of Switchfoot(USA) talks Fading West, Soundwave and the band’s journey

Famously known for acclaimed tracks such as “Dare You To Move” and “Meant To Live”, Switchfoot are coming back to Australia in a few weeks to touch the hearts and souls of many with their empowering rock music. The band have explored many avenues that have helped their music connect with many people around the world,…

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