Suzie Miller

Film Review: A brilliant Jodie Comer indicts the legal system in NT Live’s triumphant Prima Facie

July 23, 2022

Trigger warning: Sexual assault Prima Facie tells the story of Tessa (Jodie Comer), a young, tenacious and determined barrister who is at the prime of her career. With a sharp mind and an ironclad belief in the word of the law, she has never lost a case. Even when working on cases that would trigger […]

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Theatre Review: Sunset Strip will pull at your heartstrings (Performances in Sydney until 1st July)

June 19, 2017

Outstanding performances from four extremely talented Australian actors make Sunset Strip worthy of the (relatively small) price of admission. The Uncertainty Principle and Griffin Independent Theatre have delivered a beautiful piece of theatre. Just don’t expect sunshine and laughter. By a dried up lake somewhere in regional Australia is a once-thriving holiday town called Sunset […]

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