Book Review: Meet the badly behaved women making history in Eliza Reilly’s Sheilas: Badass Women of Australian History

February 25, 2022

The old adage that “well behaved women rarely make history” has never been truer than here in Eliza Reilly’s Sheilas: Badass Women of Australian History. Gathering together a batch of bonafide badasses in bonnets from across Australian history, Sheilas is a witty and engaging introduction to some of the country’s most interesting – and occasionally […]

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Hannah and Eliza Reilly new web series Sheilas set to premiere next month

July 24, 2018

The newest web series created by sisters Hannah and Eliza Reilly (Growing Up Graceful) will be known as Sheilas, and is set to premiere later next month and the 21st of August. The four-part series has been funded under Screen Australia’s Gender Matters, a celebration of brilliant and innovative storytelling celebrating the growth of female […]

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