Scott Russo

the AU interview: Phil Jamieson (Sydney) talks touring with Scott Russo (California)!

Phil Jamieson is known mainly for his role as front man for the Australian band Grinpsoon. In December this year he is teaming up with Unwritten Law front man, Scott Russo to tour Australia. In this two part series, John Goodridge chats to Phil about the tour and some of his other projects. Hey Phil,…

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Interview: Scott Russo (California) talks touring with Phil Jamieson (Brisbane)

Scott Russo is the lead singer of punk pop band Unwritten Law. He has teamed up with long time friend Phil Jamieson of Grinspoon to tour Australia in December. John Goodridge interrupted his dinner of taquitos to chat about the friendship, the tour and what happened on the Hits and Pits festival. Hey Scott, looking…

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