Scott Ludlam

Scott Ludlam’s resignation is a massive blow to the Australian gaming industry, and we’re devastated

July 14, 2017

Earlier this afternoon Western Australian Greens senator Scott Ludlam resigned from his positions in the Australian senate and the Greens deputy leadership. The resignation came following the discovery that he had never formally renounced his New Zealand dual citizenship before running in the 2016 federal election. With Ludlam’s departure, the only voice the Australian games […]

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Scott Ludlam and The Greens unveil plan to restore the Australian video games industry, and it starts in WA

March 9, 2017

Western Australian Greens senator Scott Ludlam has unveiled a new plan to boost the Australian video games industry overnight. The plan seeks to reinstate the Australian Interactive Games Fund, but also looks to turn the Western Australian capital Perth into the new hub of Australian games development

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Greens Senator Scott Ludlam to curate night of theatre in suburban Perth

June 14, 2016

As part of a joint venture between the Australian Greens party and Perth theatre group The Cutting Room Floor, WA Senator Scott Ludlam is taking over a home in suburbia, for a night of theatre from some of the city’s best and brightest upcoming artists. In Home Open: An Evening of Green, The Cutting Room […]

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PAX AUS 2015: Scott Ludlam says the government isn’t working hard enough to support local devs

November 3, 2015

Greens senator Scott Ludlam had some very choice words for the Australian government on the Boss Level panel at PAXAus on Saturday, saying in no uncertain terms that they are not doing enough to support the local games industry.

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