Run Rabbit Run

Run Rabbit Run trips over due to lack of originality and well-done drama: Sundance Film Festival Review

January 26, 2023

Run Rabbit Run tells the story of Sarah (Sarah Snook), a fertility doctor and single mother who is trying to maintain a carefree existence for herself and her daughter Mia (Lily LaTorre). The two start to celebrate by planning Mia’s seventh birthday, with Sarah’s ex-husband Peter (Damon Herriman) his partner and their child in attendance. […]

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Melbourne’s Run Rabbit Run share five songs for inspiration, opening up on the Bloodline EP

October 19, 2017

The debut EP from Melbourne folk rockers Run Rabbit Run recently landed in the form of Bloodline, an ambitiously majestic presentation of music from a band who’ve been making decent waves for themselves on the live front through 2017. The influences are easy to draw; there’s some Fleet Foxes here, Of Monsters and Men there. As songwriter Casey […]

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