The Iris’s Game of the Year Top 10: Honourable Mentions

December 18, 2017

2017 was such a fantastic year for games that we had to cut a great many titles we really loved from our final Top 10. There were a few titles, however, that we felt were well worth shouting out, titles that made an impression on us throughout the year. Ones we’re still thinking about now. […]

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Robot House’s Rumu releases next week because you deserve an early Christmas present

December 6, 2017

Sydney developer Robot House’s second major title and PAX Aus 2017 indie favourite¬†Rumu will launch next week according to a press release from the studio today.

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Let me tell you about why I love PAX Aus

October 29, 2017

“Shit, have they capped the line?” wondered a 20-something woman in a home made Bayonetta cosplay, arriving only minutes before Saturday night’s Let’s Play Some Bad Dating Sims panel in the Galah Theatre. Her boyfriend, dressed less ambitiously in a tee and jeans, stared hopelessly at the line. “Guys!” I called excitedly from my position […]

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