Adelaide Festival Review: Foehn is a light and airy puppet theatre

March 14, 2019

It would be a mistake to describe Foehn as a puppet show. Not because that is wrong, but because it is much more than that. French performance artist Phia Ménard became a juggler, performance artist and director of the Compagnie Non Nova in the 1990’s. She describes the movement of air as being present at […]

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POPSART: My two top picks at Brisbane Festival – Laser Beak Man and Orpheus

September 18, 2017

Brisbane, you are killing me this time of year! Last week I had BIGSOUND and interviews with artists, I moderated two panels for Brisbane Writers Festival, I launched Access Arts brilliant festival Undercover Artist Festival and then the  Brisbane Festival kicked off as well! My pick of the Brisbane festival so far is Laser Beak Man presented […]

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