Puppetry of the Penis

MICF Review: Puppetry of the Penis is as quirky as one can be… down there (performances until 9th April)

It was just like any other Sunday evening as I sat in the audience of the Palms theatre at Melbourne’s Crown Casino. However, on this particular evening, two men were about to walk onstage, throw off their cloaks, and perform for a paying audience the ‘ancient art of genital origami.’ For those a bit slow…

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5 risqué acts to see at the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

There’s all manner of comedy at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, from theatre, to stand up to improv. We have already put together a bunch of great shows you go and see already. Some people like to go all out and either shock, deal with subjects that push the edge, or simply provide thought-provoking stuff…

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