Album Review: Protomartyr return with sinister Ultimate Success Today (2020 LP)

July 30, 2020

Post-punk Protomartyr return with their anticipated fifth album, Ultimate Success Today. Whilst the band wrote and recorded their album last year, the Detroit band eerily foreshadowed the ongoing battles the world is currently facing. Gracing our ears with a flair for enigmatic and avant-garde chords, their new album doesn’t disappoint with important philanthropic messages. Their […]

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Interview: Protomartyr’s Joe Casey on the band’s highly anticipated Australian tour

February 12, 2018

Joe Casey, frontman of Detroit post-punks Protomartyr, is surprised the band has never ventured Down Under. “It seems like we should’ve gone over earlier,” he says. “Bands from Detroit have toured Australia, so we thought if they can do it, we can do it.” The band has worked hard over the last five years, touring […]

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