Album Review: Girlpool – Powerplant (2017 LP)

June 8, 2017

Angst manifests in many different forms, and deny it all you want, it’s a necessary outlet for the frustrations of the mundane. It’s just a part of life and thankfully, we have music to get us through. More specifically however, we have Girlpool. Self titled as an anti-debut, the Californian duo recently dropped their latest record […]

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Girlpool sign to Anti-Records and tease new album Powerplant out May 12th

April 24, 2017

Since the release of their debut album in 2015, Girlpool have been continuously forging their own unique path to success. Amongst cross county relocations, deep diving into the DIY scene and the chaos of touring, all of their hard work has finally paid off. The Californian duo have just signed to Anti-Records and are primed to […]

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