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POPSART: GOMA’s Marvel Launch – Why the Throne of Asgard is in a contemporary gallery and is Captain America really a woman?

Last Friday, the Marvel Creating the Cinematic Universe exhibition opened at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) and what a visual, popular cultural feast it is, with over 500 objects including the costumes, props, sets and characters all spectacularly animating the voluminous rooms of GOMA. Art and God-like archetypes have been an intrinsic part of…

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Wizardfest is Australia’s first touring Harry Potter inspired party

If you hadn’t noticed already, pop culture inspired parties are very popular. There’s something about dressing up and stepping into an IRL RPG-like world where you down cocktails named after cultural touchstones and quote things in badly imitated voices without getting awkward stares. So Wizardfest should go down a treat. What’s Wizardfest? Well as you…

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