Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon developer Game Freak is hiring staff for a mystery console title

March 21, 2017

Pokemon developer Game Freak have caused a bit of a stir in the last few days following a pair of openings on job recruitment website Indeed. While there’s certainly nothing set in stone at this point, there are several indicators that point to a potential new console-based Pokemon title.

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Video Games Review: Pokemon Sun and Moon (3DS, 2016) stands as one of the finest in the entire series

December 5, 2016

Niantic’s Pokemon Go quite obviously paved the way for the next installment in traditional handheld Pokemon games to make a big impact on the video game market. We are now in the seventh generation of the irresistible RPG series and, as expected, dual titles Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon have been breaking sales records since […]

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Nintendo release heartbreaking theme song for Pokemon Sun & Moon‘s Pikachu impersonator

October 22, 2016

Earlier this year, Nintendo revealed the model for a peculiar looking sack Pokemon named Mimikyu  and, in so doing, introduced the world to one of the most bizarre and tragic backstories ever written for a video game character. The reason for its appearance as a badly drawn and malnourished version of superstar Pikachu: it’s just lonely […]

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Ten video games to get excited about in the lead up to Christmas

September 23, 2016

Wondering what titles to put on this years christmas list? Check out The Iris’ guide to exciting games that will be released in the next four months.  Virginia (PC, Xbox One, PS4) Friday, 23 September, 2016 Virginia is a single-player first-person thriller set in a small town. The game takes you along a missing persons investigation […]

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New Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer is about holidays, unity, adventure and occasionally Pokémon

July 13, 2016

While we’re sure that you’re all sick of us talking about Pokémon Go, a new Japanese trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon has dropped overnight. The trailer gives a quick look at new gameplay modes and a few new Pokémon.

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E3 2016: Nintendo shows off new Pokemon, new modes for Pokemon Sun & Moon

June 15, 2016

Nintendo have debuted brand new gameplay footage, modes and monsters from their upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon titles during their E3 Nintendo Treehouse presentation this morning. 

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Pokemon Sun and Moon announced on series’ 20th Anniversary

February 26, 2016

Following a leak yesterday afternoon, Nintendo have used their latest (and very short) Nintendo Direct broadcast to announce Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The next titles in their venerable RPG franchise and will launch towards the end of the year.

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